Saturday, 12 November 2011

Switch Fire Update

So as promised here are some pictures of what I have been up to. So first off the Valkyrie, all I have done is the pilot and co pilot and I still have not attached the cockpit to the hull. I am hoping that I will get round to this before I go to Blog Wars 2.

Now on to the switch fire. The figures I am replacing are the standard bearers I had in the 10 man squads. They are being replaced as they caused confusion in my games for the aponents as they do not have lasguns on them. They are not badly painted the only thing that lets them down is the banners. But for these guy's the day's of being in my army are over and they will find themselfs on Ebay soon.

So what's replacing these guy's. Well just normal Guardsman, because I am also adding two more buglers I only need to paint up two normal troop's. The grenade Launcher is for the second platoon HQ as they have been without a special weapon for quite some time now. These guy's were only started about 8 o clock this evening, so there is a little way to go yet but the bulk will be finished by tomorrow night.

After I have finished the Valkyrie I am going to move back onto some figures but just not any type. These will be the servitors to go with my Techpriest. I have put these guys off for so long because I thought my painting skills were no good to do them justice, until I came across this guy. I saw him knew I wanted him and purchased him. I think he will look so cool once I paint him up in my Praetorian colours and go to town on the weathering.

This guy I saw and thought he would look so cool as a sergeant in my new platoon, but when he came I found that it is a little bit bigger than the normal Praetorian's. So I have decided not to include him. But what I think I will do is paint him up as a Praetorian along with some other models I got which are also a little to big, and do a diorama with them. I will then enter this into competitions that like to see models based on real time and history.

So that's it for now, and it looks like a couple of busy weeks of hobby for me. But as always I will keep you updated and any comments are appreciated.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Valkyrie, the weathering looks great!

  2. Pity the standard bearers are leaving, but all things need to change from time to time. For example I should have accepted that my heavy weapons needed to be on 60mm bases sooner than I did! Let us know when you post them up on ebay- I could find a place for a few extra standard bearers.

  3. Cool thanks I forgot all about putting them up on ebay. I will go and do it now. Just to let you know the banners will bereally easy to take off as they are only paper ones.