Friday, 18 November 2011

Switch Fire Update. Part 2 Started

Hi again. Now normally I would go to my Gaming Club on a Friday night and get a game in, but with so little time left I thought I would get some painting done instead. So with the figures done I decided to move onto my tanks. I thought that it would be a good idea to weather them the same way as I have done my last two Chimera's, so that they would look the same. before I explain about the tanks, I have had a request to show my army that I will be taking to Blog Wars, and my answer is yes I will but only when it is complete and I am happy with how it looks. Which I am hoping should be by the end of the weekend.

Now the first tank you are going to see is a rush job I did so that I could get it into a Apocalypse game some time ago. So to start with I have tided up the parts that were looking worn, and done the weathering effect on the paint work. It's not as good as my other stuff as in the red paint coat but when with the others it blends in well. All I have left to do after that is the mud effect which I will do tomorrow.

The second tank is my Knight Commander tank. I had in a small part done the weathering effect on the paint work but not much, this was down to the fact I didn't have a good technique at the time. So this has been improved on, and I have done the mud. Because this is the new type model that does not come with mud guards I went a bit heavier on the mud effect. I done this because I feel a tank motoring along at top speed would be kicking mud up all over the place. I am very pleased how it turned out and this model is now complete.

Tomorrow I will finish off the first tank, and move onto my Veterans. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. The second one is a beauty. I don't think the mud is too much, I think it works really well. Nice one Commissar!

  2. Fantastic! The white turret on the command tank is ace. Perhaps you could play up the slightly faded red color on the first one as being a tank that's long been in service. Perhaps really 'peel the paint pack' and show more bare metal (via painting/weathering). In any case, they both are looking great! keep up the great with!