Sunday, 20 November 2011

Switch Fire Complete

I have completed my Army for the Blog Wars 2 competition and I am happy with it. I have people asking if I can take pictures of the army I am taking, and I have done just that. The first picture is of my whole army, it quite large so I had use my son's table to get it all on, so I think it will be quite interesting on the day to move it around.

The next several photo's are closer shot's of the various parts of my army. The first being the two platoons, these are a Platoon HQ followed by two squads of 10 men each.  The rest of the pictures show my two Veteran squad's, the first being armed with shotguns and wearing pith helmets. The second Veteran squad is the classic storm troopers, I have included these guy's to show the fact that not all my army is uniformed and run around in Pith helmets, and it keeps in keeping with the fluff in the Codex. You will then see photo's of my Chimera's and Vanquisher tanks, and a picture of my Company Command Squad and also the heavy weapon squad. These guy's I am using as a Heavy Bolter squad.

The next lot of photo's is of my Company Command squad minus Yarrick, and a close up of the Commander ( Lieutenant Colonel Chard). I will on the day when we have to display our armies be on his main display stand as he has the Company name displayed on the plinth, and will make a nice addition to the Army.

I was also going to close ups of Yarrick and my Techpriest, but my camera has decided to do funny thing's again. If I can get it sorted then I will take the pics and get them posted up as soon as possible. But you should be able to see them in various other pictures taken today, but just not as close.

So there you have it. I am really proud of how it looks and feel I really have accomplished something, I just hope the other competitors think so. As always your comments are appreciated and thank you for your comments so far on this small project they have really helped.


  1. You should be happy with that! My favourite units in the army are your tanks. The weathering really tones down the bright red so as a group it really works well. The army is going to look great in games.

  2. Thank's alot I really appreciate that.

  3. oh man this is so cool. i cannot wait to see this army at Blog Wars! you are taking it right?

  4. Sorry Atreides I did not mean to ignore you I have been away this week and have not seen my blog at all.

    But thanks for your comment it is appreciated, and the answer to your question is. Yes, this is the army I am taking to Blog Wars, and it is as you see it. So I look forward to seeing you there and your army.