Sunday, 20 November 2011

Objective's & Techpriest

I have just finished these. I have decided with such little time left to Blog Wars I would not be able to get my Praetorian wounded done in time so I made these as stand in's. All I used is the Aquila's I found laying around, gave them a quick dry brush with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal and based them. Very quick and simple and look good as well.

I realise I have already done a close up of Yarrick in a previous post, so I have not done any more pictures. So what you see here is my first attempt at Golden Daemon two years ago. I did not get very far I don't know why but it did get looked at by the judges. I am very proud of this model and it is about time it had some Servitors to command. Anyway enjoy the pictures, and it's time for me to get that Valkyrie finished.


Switch Fire Complete

I have completed my Army for the Blog Wars 2 competition and I am happy with it. I have people asking if I can take pictures of the army I am taking, and I have done just that. The first picture is of my whole army, it quite large so I had use my son's table to get it all on, so I think it will be quite interesting on the day to move it around.

The next several photo's are closer shot's of the various parts of my army. The first being the two platoons, these are a Platoon HQ followed by two squads of 10 men each.  The rest of the pictures show my two Veteran squad's, the first being armed with shotguns and wearing pith helmets. The second Veteran squad is the classic storm troopers, I have included these guy's to show the fact that not all my army is uniformed and run around in Pith helmets, and it keeps in keeping with the fluff in the Codex. You will then see photo's of my Chimera's and Vanquisher tanks, and a picture of my Company Command Squad and also the heavy weapon squad. These guy's I am using as a Heavy Bolter squad.

The next lot of photo's is of my Company Command squad minus Yarrick, and a close up of the Commander ( Lieutenant Colonel Chard). I will on the day when we have to display our armies be on his main display stand as he has the Company name displayed on the plinth, and will make a nice addition to the Army.

I was also going to close ups of Yarrick and my Techpriest, but my camera has decided to do funny thing's again. If I can get it sorted then I will take the pics and get them posted up as soon as possible. But you should be able to see them in various other pictures taken today, but just not as close.

So there you have it. I am really proud of how it looks and feel I really have accomplished something, I just hope the other competitors think so. As always your comments are appreciated and thank you for your comments so far on this small project they have really helped.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Switch Fire Update. Part 3 Started & Finished

As promised I have got my veterans finished at long last. Don't ask me why but it seemed like an age for me to get round and finish them and I don't know why. But I am glad they  are done because they look even better in my eyes that is, but I will let you guy's decide. so now they are done all that's left for my army is some touching up, and then the pictures for you guy's. So till tomorrow have fun and here are the pics.

Switch Fire Update. Part 2 Finished

So folk's the tank's are finished. I went really heavy on this one with the mud to show that it is an older version and that it has not been cleaned that often. I am happy how it turned out and looks quite cool to me. It has been placed in the display cabinet and has blended in really well with the other tank's. When I do a picture of my competition army you will see what I mean. But for now here are the pics for this one, and I hope to get the pics up tonight of the Veteran squad.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Switch Fire Update. Part 2 Started

Hi again. Now normally I would go to my Gaming Club on a Friday night and get a game in, but with so little time left I thought I would get some painting done instead. So with the figures done I decided to move onto my tanks. I thought that it would be a good idea to weather them the same way as I have done my last two Chimera's, so that they would look the same. before I explain about the tanks, I have had a request to show my army that I will be taking to Blog Wars, and my answer is yes I will but only when it is complete and I am happy with how it looks. Which I am hoping should be by the end of the weekend.

Now the first tank you are going to see is a rush job I did so that I could get it into a Apocalypse game some time ago. So to start with I have tided up the parts that were looking worn, and done the weathering effect on the paint work. It's not as good as my other stuff as in the red paint coat but when with the others it blends in well. All I have left to do after that is the mud effect which I will do tomorrow.

The second tank is my Knight Commander tank. I had in a small part done the weathering effect on the paint work but not much, this was down to the fact I didn't have a good technique at the time. So this has been improved on, and I have done the mud. Because this is the new type model that does not come with mud guards I went a bit heavier on the mud effect. I done this because I feel a tank motoring along at top speed would be kicking mud up all over the place. I am very pleased how it turned out and this model is now complete.

Tomorrow I will finish off the first tank, and move onto my Veterans. As always your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Switch Fire Update. Part 1 Finished

Hi folks. Just a quick one tonight before I go to bed. The replacement figures are finished and based along with my Yarrick model. These guy's will now take pride and place among the rest of the troop's. Tomorrow I will start on the tank's, which thinking about it should not take me that long really. Then I can move onto other things ready for Blog Wars 2. The first photo you will see are some figures I painted quite some time ago just to show I close I have matched the replacements so they don't look out of place, and on that note I will leave you with the pics.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Switch Fire Update

I know I know it's very rare if I publish something during the week, but with Blog Wars 2 coming up I am having to work very hard to get my Army up to scratch. So as you know from my last post I have changed out some of my models, in this instance the standard bearers that I had in my normal squads. Also there has been three new editions which are one times Grenade Launcher for the Platoon Command squad, and two buglers for my standard squads. They have been included as I did not have any in the squads and having vox caster's for your orders is a must.

So they are very nearly finished all that is left is the weapons and get them based. Painting them is really easy really as I don't spend a great time highlighting as they are normal troops and having them in large squads speaks volume really.

I give them a undercoat using Chaos Black, once dry I then go over the tunic and stripe down the trouser leg in white. A coat of Red Gore is then used and inked, once dried I then use Blood Red to highlight. The shoulder's and white ropes are painted using Fortress Grey to give the shading, and then a couple coats of thinned down white. I also did this for the helmets and dagger scabbards. Last off the trousers are given a highlight with watered down Fortress Grey, and the boots will be finished off using Black Ink. The weapons will be painted with Dark Angels Green and inked, once done that will be it for these guy's and they will take there place in my Army.

After they are done I will move onto my Vanquisher's with the weathering. I am doing this as they now look out of place with my two Chimera's, the third Chimera will not be touched as there is quite a bit of extra stuff on it and it would be quite difficult to add the weathering effect. So it will look a little out of sort's, but I could always add some fluff as in to why it's in such good shape.

The last thing that will be done is the Veteran squad, and all that needs to happen with these guys is to paint the extra pouches I have put on them. Which should only take an hour or so. Then if there is time I will touch up any bases that require it.

So there you have it, and I have got to get all this done in less than a week as I am off to the ranges for a week. But I will keep you all up to date with my progress.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Switch Fire Update

So as promised here are some pictures of what I have been up to. So first off the Valkyrie, all I have done is the pilot and co pilot and I still have not attached the cockpit to the hull. I am hoping that I will get round to this before I go to Blog Wars 2.

Now on to the switch fire. The figures I am replacing are the standard bearers I had in the 10 man squads. They are being replaced as they caused confusion in my games for the aponents as they do not have lasguns on them. They are not badly painted the only thing that lets them down is the banners. But for these guy's the day's of being in my army are over and they will find themselfs on Ebay soon.

So what's replacing these guy's. Well just normal Guardsman, because I am also adding two more buglers I only need to paint up two normal troop's. The grenade Launcher is for the second platoon HQ as they have been without a special weapon for quite some time now. These guy's were only started about 8 o clock this evening, so there is a little way to go yet but the bulk will be finished by tomorrow night.

After I have finished the Valkyrie I am going to move back onto some figures but just not any type. These will be the servitors to go with my Techpriest. I have put these guys off for so long because I thought my painting skills were no good to do them justice, until I came across this guy. I saw him knew I wanted him and purchased him. I think he will look so cool once I paint him up in my Praetorian colours and go to town on the weathering.

This guy I saw and thought he would look so cool as a sergeant in my new platoon, but when he came I found that it is a little bit bigger than the normal Praetorian's. So I have decided not to include him. But what I think I will do is paint him up as a Praetorian along with some other models I got which are also a little to big, and do a diorama with them. I will then enter this into competitions that like to see models based on real time and history.

So that's it for now, and it looks like a couple of busy weeks of hobby for me. But as always I will keep you updated and any comments are appreciated.

Switch Fire

First off just to let you know I did get a little bit more done on the Valkyrie, but I have not managed to finish it yet. As the title suggests I have switched fire on to something else.

On the 3rd of December there is a competition running in Mansfield called Blog Wars 2. For many months I was not sure if I would be able to attend due to work commitments, but it has worked out that I can. (The gaming God's must be looking out for me). So I have written my army list submitted it and play tested it, which I will tell you about in a few minutes. So I am going to hang fire on the Valkyrie and change a few models in my army that I don't really like, and add a couple so that the army is more uniformed. The models I am going to change are the banner bearer's in the normal squad for normal troops, the second platoon command will have a grenade launcher added, and the second platoon squads will have the buglers added. Also the first of my vets will have some of the packs finished, Yarrick and models that require it will have their bases touched up to make my army look the best it can.

So I tried one of the missions that I will be playing on the day. So a member of my gaming club was willing to give me a game so that I can try out my army list. I was very impressed how it worked and very happy. I ended up losing the game down to poor tactical decision's by myself. Sorry I didn't take any pictures as I forgot my camera. But a quick break down off the army I used last night is:-

HQ Coy Command squad with Meltagun, Carapace armour, regimental standard
Commissar Yarrick
Platoon HQ 1 with Flamer, Platoon standard
Squad 1 with Flamer
Squad 2 with Flamer
Platoon HQ 2 with Grenade Launcher, Platoon standard
Squad 1 with Grenade Launcher
Squad 2 with Grenade Launcher
Veteran Squad 1 with 2 Plasma Guns, Meltagun, Shotguns, Carapace Armour
Veteran Squad 2 with 2 Plasma Guns, Meltagun
2 Vanquisher Tanks with hull mounted Lascannons, Plasma Cannon side sponsens
Chimera 1 with hull mounted Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter Turret, extra armour
Chimera 2 with hull mounted Heavy Bolter, Twin linked turret Heavy Bolter
Chimera 3 with hull mounted Heavy Bolter, Autocannon turret weapon
Heavy weapon squad with Heavy bolters.

That is my army as such. I'm not given to much away as I want to stand a chance in the comp, but I thought it would be nice to let you know what I have used in my games so far that seem to work. So all in all my army comes to just short of 1750.

Well that's it for now, sorry I have not included any pictures and the length of the blog. But I will put some pictures up tonight of what I have done so far with the Valkyrie, and the switch fire mini project.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Very Nearly Finished

So as the title suggests, the Valkyrie is nearly finished. All the work has been done this weekend as I did not get any painting done during the week. Not that it was a busy week, in fact it was very quite work wise. But as always you come home from work you start on something and before you know it there is no time for hobby, but I have made up for it.

I have managed to get the front of the Valkyrie finished and the cockpit is half way there, I just need to finish the pilot and co-pilot off. The hull was done the same as the rest of the model and the cockpit was done the same as the main interior. All the bright lights have had a coat of varnish to give them that little extra shine. The same was done with the lights on the hull and side pods. I tried a different heat effect on the Lascannon this time, which I found a little further on in the Forge World Model Master Class book. I think it looks a lot better than the one on the engine's, so I think I will use this in the future.

Well that's it for now, I am planning on getting the model finished by Friday as I really don't have that much left to do on the model. Then it is on with sorting out my Army for Blog Wars 2 work permitting. I will leave you with the pics to look at, and as always your comments are welcome.