Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Valkyrie Update

Hi folks, so I have progressed a little further with the Valkyrie but not much as I had to base the hull by hand instead of spray paint. I did it this way so that I did not ruin the interior and because of that it took me a little longer. But I did commit the cardinal sin of a veteran gamer and painter I forgot to do the highlights before doing the weathering.

So I am hoping the fact that I haven't highlighted will show with the amount of weathering I have done. The mud and dust stains will be done when the whole model is complete so that I can get the effect right and all the same. I will get a bit more done tonight and I am hoping by Sunday I will have most of the model complete, that's the plan anyway.

Well that's it for now along with some pic's, as always your comments are appreciated.


  1. Looking good! Love the weathering, and looking forward to seeing it all come together - keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks mate, hopefully I can get the majority of it done by Sunday before I go back to work. But we will see.