Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday's Valkyrie Update

So as promised here is the update. As I was saying I was hoping by Sunday to either have it finished or a good way there, and to be honest looking at the instructions I am almost there, and by finishing the wing's and gluing them on has helped me start to reach the end goal.

But to be honest I don't like it as much as the original Forge World model I feel that it does not have the same character. For example I like how with the Forge World model you get the seat's that go down the centre, even though it was a pain to fit. But also I liked the little imperfections you get with it.

But anyway I digress. The wings were done the same way as the rest of the model, a spray coat of white then a coat of Red Gore. This was then inked with Red, with a highlight of Blood Red and Blazing Orange. The weathering was done by sponging Charadon Granite on which was watered down, followed by Boltgun metal. I used a mixture of Brown and Black ink mixed with Johnsons Clear (which acts as a varnish) around the fuel cap. I also finished the engine area by dry brushing the black around were the exhaust fumes will hit.

Well that's it for now, and because I am not going off any were with work I should be able to get some painting done this week as well. Just before I go, I worked out how many points my Army will be once I have got everything painted, and it worked out at a staggering 5,955 points. So that just leaves me with another 3,000 plus points to paint, as I have only done around 2,000 points. So with out further ado here are the pic's.

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  1. Looking better all the time! The weathered red really looks good - looking forward to seeing it all assembled!