Sunday, 16 October 2011

Moving On With a New Project

So I'm back from spending a week in the darkest depths of Wales, which was very tiring. So I did no hobby on Friday as I was absolutely shattered, but I did start again on Saturday night. So what am I doing I hear you all ask? Well it's a plastic Valkyrie that I started over a year ago but never got round to finishing. So I felt it was time to get it finished especially since my weathering technique has come on so much of late.

Because I had already started the interior it was very difficult to do anything with it really, but I did do some weathering of the floor and some parts of the wall but apart from that I have pretty much left it. So I am going to try and finish off the interior by doing the door guns and gunners. Then I will start doing the out side in the same colour scheme of my army, and because my Thunderbolt turned out so well with the colour scheme I think the Valkyrie will as well.

So as always here are some pic's of what I have done so far and as always I will keep you up to date with regular updates.

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