Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chimera Finished

I know I know there was only a few things left to do, but I just simply ran out of time. Also it has been another crazy week for me with no time what so ever to get any hobby done, till today.

So I sat down and decided to get it done and finished. I also decided to put the tow chain on as well and use the Rust pigment as I have never used it before, and I wanted to see what it was like. The only other thing I finished was the heavy bolter and some purity seal. Which I like as it dulls down the weathering powder a little bit so it's not as bright.

I decided to keep this Chimera very simple as I didn't want it to be with the Vets all the time but to get to were I want it quickly and drop off and then get out of there, but also to have a little bit of a punch in the fire power.

So that's it for now and here are the pic's. I might also be a little quite on the blog site for a week as I am off again to some remote part of the country and won't be back till late Friday. So until next time have fun and stay safe.


  1. This is great- that turret is awesome. I have been dabbling with the weathering powders myself, but you look like a pro. Nice work!

  2. Thanks mate, it just takes a little practice and patience. The Forgeworld painting book help's as it is very detailed.