Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yarrick is Finished & New Links I have Found.

Well it has been along time coming, and I am sorry but the first week back at work has been crazy. With sorting out training programs and all the man power we have now since everyone is back from Canada, so that we can get ready for Afghan next year.

So the metal Yarrick I found is now finished apart from the base, which I will do when I touch up the rest of the army since they have taken a few knocks here and there. I am really happy how he has turned out, but I will change a couple of thing's when I get round to the Finecast one I have. But for now he will do for gaming and such, and might even sell him on eBay once the finecast version is done.

I have also come across two web base shops that do fantastic miniature's as well as bases. You can find them in my Hobby Link section as Micro Art Studio's, and Chapterhouse Studio's, if you have not checked them out already. I already have a few ideas in my head of what I would like for some really cool conversions.

I have also decided on my next project, which is going to be a Chimera for my Vet's. Using a really cool turret that I picked up as a prize from the big Apocalypse game last month, I also purchased one. When the web site is up and running properly I will put a link up as he does some really cool stuff in resin. The turret has a barrel which I think would look really cool as a Autocannon, but I will let you guy's be the judge when I can take a good picture. Which will be when the camera comes back from the menders yard.

So that's it for now I will leave you with some pictures of the finished Yarrick. Sorry for the quality put it was taken using my I Phone, but I will take better pictures when I get the Camera back. As always your comments are appreciated and till next time stay safe and have fun.

P.S. If anyone is going to Colours 2011 at Newbury Racecourse next weekend let me know and we will see if we can meet up, it would be nice to meet some fellow bloggers.

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