Friday, 30 September 2011

Some Better Pictures & Something Extra I Am Working On

So this week I have not been able to get any painting done, but this is not due to finishing work late. It's because I have been so tired, and I can't paint when I am tired. But I did receive my new camera cable this week so all the pictures I have taken have now been loaded onto my computer. So first off here are the better pictures ( I hope ) of Commissar Yarrick.

So what's this extra project you have been working on I here you all cry. Well I thought it was about time I did some objective markers for my Praetorian army. So I managed to get my hand on some wounded Praetorian soldiers, and another bag of ammo crates and pith helmets from Empress Miniatures and away I went. I haven't got round to painting them just yet but I might make a start this weekend as well as the Chimera.

Well that's it for the mo but I will get down to doing another blog this weekend with what I have been up to.

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