Friday, 9 September 2011

New Chimera

So now that Yarrick is done, I have started my new project. The Chimera with a different type of turret, and you will all be glad to know it's done. (Only joking) you lot should know me by now it takes me a little bit of time to paint my vehicles, as I don't use a spray gun.

So as you can see the turret is not your normal Chimera turret. This turret was given as a prize and is from a company called Anarchy Models, I will put their link on my hobby list but please bear in mind that they are currently creating a new web page. I am going to use the weapon as a Autocannon as it does look really loud and large as in my mind an Autocannon should. But I like the whole feel the turret give the tank.

Once completed the Chimera will be attached to one of my Veteran squads, which one yet I haven't decided. So as always I will keep you updated with progress, comments are always appreciated and thanks for looking. I will post a blog tomorrow from the Colours event I am going to tomorrow at Newbury Race Course.


  1. Nice find! That turret really changes up the silhouette of the tank, and looks rather cool! I look forward to seeing what it looks like when you get some paint on it - keep up the great work!

  2. Agreed, the turret is a nice swap. Is it made specifically for the CHImera model? as in, does it fit the chimera turret mount? (On your classic model or the new chimera mount)

  3. The guy that designed them was very clever, as he designed diffrent mount's for the diffrent imperial tanks. So if I wanted I could fit it to a Leman Russ. For this turret all I needed to do was to put the small plug in that fit's onto the old style chimera. There are the plugs so that it could fit onto the new style as well.

  4. Oh thats cool. cleverly done. You'll have to take some snaps of the different bits, I think its a very unique design feature... worth a plug I'm sure!