Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Chimera Pt2

Well after a busy couple of weeks I have finally managed to sit down and do some painting this weekend. If I had also known really early on that I was not going to work this weekend I would have gone to Games Day. (THANKS WORK FOR NOTHING). But hey never mind, for all of you that did go I hope a good time was had by all, and if you entered Golden Demon I hope you did well.

So as I have mentioned I have managed to get some painting done. The Chimera has gone from it's white undercoat to being the customary red for my army, and the highlights are also done. I have also started with  the weathering effects with a slight change. One of the advice tips I was given after the judging from Colours 2011 that I came second in, was to put the decals on first then do the weathering effects as this will make it more realistic. So that's is what I have done and he was right it does work, but I have to be careful I think not to fully cover them so that they can still be seen.

If I get some time this week, as it is going to be really busy for me again. If not the weekend I will do the oil stains and the fine detail on the hull, such as the Imperial signs and the windows. But I am going to try something a little different this time with the windows by going a little darker and to put a glaze on them so that they look more realistic. This is because it was something else that was picked up at Colours 2011.

Well that's it for now, and as always your opinions are appreciated. Again sorry for the picture quality as the camera is still out of action. I have the camera back all nicley repaired but we have lost the USB cable that connects it to the Laptop, but don't worry I have purchased a new one which I should have by the weekend.

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  1. The turret and barrel are very Tiger I-ish, I like it!