Saturday, 10 September 2011

Colours 2011

So as promised is the blog about Colours 2011 that I attended. So I got there in time for the doors to open at 10am paid my £6 and went in. I really was surprised at how big this show is and is more about trading than games. Don't get me wrong there were games taking place but no were in the region that Games Day do.

Now this thing was set up over three floors with the top floor being for gaming and the painting comp. (I will get to that later). So I had a wounder round first to see what there was, and it was mostly historical with a lot of 15mm scale figures. But there were a few sc fi figures and games that caught my eye and look quite interesting. I headed over to Empress miniatures to get some more heads for my Praetorians as I was starting to run a bit low, and I also purchased a new case from KR for when I get my Valk done.

I also purchased some rather cool looking wound counters, and I hate to say it a Flames of War starter set. I only got it to see what it is like as I have seen this game grow and grow over the years.

So I entered the Painting comp that was just for vehicles today. They split it down into 6 category's the grown up's and 2 for the kid's. Well I entered my Command Chimera that I did a few months ago in the 6th category which looked like it was mostly dioramas, so I wasn't hopeful. Well the judging was done and I came out in second place, and only just missed first place due to a couple of small imperfections. These being I should have put the decals on before doing the weathering, and they felt there was to much weathering on the top half of the track guard were the track is showing. But apart from that they were really impressed. Would it win Golden Daemon? No in a word. But I am really happy with myself as it shows that my painting is now of a good quality, and for that I have you guys to thank for all your comments.

I did not take many pictures as there was not that much to take pictures of really. But I did take pics of a cool battle scene of the Battle of Isandawana which was spread over about 12 feet of gaming table. Also some of the winning vehicles. But I am sorry about the quality as it was done on the iPhone as the camera is still at the menders yard.

So that's it for now have fun, cause I will painting new stuff and doing the new Chimera.

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