Friday, 30 September 2011

Some Better Pictures & Something Extra I Am Working On

So this week I have not been able to get any painting done, but this is not due to finishing work late. It's because I have been so tired, and I can't paint when I am tired. But I did receive my new camera cable this week so all the pictures I have taken have now been loaded onto my computer. So first off here are the better pictures ( I hope ) of Commissar Yarrick.

So what's this extra project you have been working on I here you all cry. Well I thought it was about time I did some objective markers for my Praetorian army. So I managed to get my hand on some wounded Praetorian soldiers, and another bag of ammo crates and pith helmets from Empress Miniatures and away I went. I haven't got round to painting them just yet but I might make a start this weekend as well as the Chimera.

Well that's it for the mo but I will get down to doing another blog this weekend with what I have been up to.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Chimera Pt2

Well after a busy couple of weeks I have finally managed to sit down and do some painting this weekend. If I had also known really early on that I was not going to work this weekend I would have gone to Games Day. (THANKS WORK FOR NOTHING). But hey never mind, for all of you that did go I hope a good time was had by all, and if you entered Golden Demon I hope you did well.

So as I have mentioned I have managed to get some painting done. The Chimera has gone from it's white undercoat to being the customary red for my army, and the highlights are also done. I have also started with  the weathering effects with a slight change. One of the advice tips I was given after the judging from Colours 2011 that I came second in, was to put the decals on first then do the weathering effects as this will make it more realistic. So that's is what I have done and he was right it does work, but I have to be careful I think not to fully cover them so that they can still be seen.

If I get some time this week, as it is going to be really busy for me again. If not the weekend I will do the oil stains and the fine detail on the hull, such as the Imperial signs and the windows. But I am going to try something a little different this time with the windows by going a little darker and to put a glaze on them so that they look more realistic. This is because it was something else that was picked up at Colours 2011.

Well that's it for now, and as always your opinions are appreciated. Again sorry for the picture quality as the camera is still out of action. I have the camera back all nicley repaired but we have lost the USB cable that connects it to the Laptop, but don't worry I have purchased a new one which I should have by the weekend.

Friday, 16 September 2011

A Nother Busy Week

As you can see it has been another busy week for me, and I mean a really busy week. To the point that I have got absolutely no painting done what so ever, and it will be the same for me next week as well. Which is really starting to do my head in as I really enjoy my painting as it helps me stay calm for when I have bad days at work.

But there is good new's. I did yesterday recived in the post 23 ORIGINAL PRAETORIANS that I won on eBay, and by god did they cost me a pretty penny. So that now means I can do a third platoon which is not a bad thing is it. Well I will try and get some painting done tonight and Saturday before I deploy on exercise again on Sunday, and get some pictures up for you all to see.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Just A Quick Note

For all of you in America and the rest of the world that follow my blog, and were effected by the tragedy of 9/11 10 year's ago. My thought and prayers are with you and I hope you find peace in this difficult time.

May God bless you all and help you, and I hope you find a new found peace from the many ceremonies being held tomorrow.

Colours 2011

So as promised is the blog about Colours 2011 that I attended. So I got there in time for the doors to open at 10am paid my £6 and went in. I really was surprised at how big this show is and is more about trading than games. Don't get me wrong there were games taking place but no were in the region that Games Day do.

Now this thing was set up over three floors with the top floor being for gaming and the painting comp. (I will get to that later). So I had a wounder round first to see what there was, and it was mostly historical with a lot of 15mm scale figures. But there were a few sc fi figures and games that caught my eye and look quite interesting. I headed over to Empress miniatures to get some more heads for my Praetorians as I was starting to run a bit low, and I also purchased a new case from KR for when I get my Valk done.

I also purchased some rather cool looking wound counters, and I hate to say it a Flames of War starter set. I only got it to see what it is like as I have seen this game grow and grow over the years.

So I entered the Painting comp that was just for vehicles today. They split it down into 6 category's the grown up's and 2 for the kid's. Well I entered my Command Chimera that I did a few months ago in the 6th category which looked like it was mostly dioramas, so I wasn't hopeful. Well the judging was done and I came out in second place, and only just missed first place due to a couple of small imperfections. These being I should have put the decals on before doing the weathering, and they felt there was to much weathering on the top half of the track guard were the track is showing. But apart from that they were really impressed. Would it win Golden Daemon? No in a word. But I am really happy with myself as it shows that my painting is now of a good quality, and for that I have you guys to thank for all your comments.

I did not take many pictures as there was not that much to take pictures of really. But I did take pics of a cool battle scene of the Battle of Isandawana which was spread over about 12 feet of gaming table. Also some of the winning vehicles. But I am sorry about the quality as it was done on the iPhone as the camera is still at the menders yard.

So that's it for now have fun, cause I will painting new stuff and doing the new Chimera.

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Chimera

So now that Yarrick is done, I have started my new project. The Chimera with a different type of turret, and you will all be glad to know it's done. (Only joking) you lot should know me by now it takes me a little bit of time to paint my vehicles, as I don't use a spray gun.

So as you can see the turret is not your normal Chimera turret. This turret was given as a prize and is from a company called Anarchy Models, I will put their link on my hobby list but please bear in mind that they are currently creating a new web page. I am going to use the weapon as a Autocannon as it does look really loud and large as in my mind an Autocannon should. But I like the whole feel the turret give the tank.

Once completed the Chimera will be attached to one of my Veteran squads, which one yet I haven't decided. So as always I will keep you updated with progress, comments are always appreciated and thanks for looking. I will post a blog tomorrow from the Colours event I am going to tomorrow at Newbury Race Course.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yarrick is Finished & New Links I have Found.

Well it has been along time coming, and I am sorry but the first week back at work has been crazy. With sorting out training programs and all the man power we have now since everyone is back from Canada, so that we can get ready for Afghan next year.

So the metal Yarrick I found is now finished apart from the base, which I will do when I touch up the rest of the army since they have taken a few knocks here and there. I am really happy how he has turned out, but I will change a couple of thing's when I get round to the Finecast one I have. But for now he will do for gaming and such, and might even sell him on eBay once the finecast version is done.

I have also come across two web base shops that do fantastic miniature's as well as bases. You can find them in my Hobby Link section as Micro Art Studio's, and Chapterhouse Studio's, if you have not checked them out already. I already have a few ideas in my head of what I would like for some really cool conversions.

I have also decided on my next project, which is going to be a Chimera for my Vet's. Using a really cool turret that I picked up as a prize from the big Apocalypse game last month, I also purchased one. When the web site is up and running properly I will put a link up as he does some really cool stuff in resin. The turret has a barrel which I think would look really cool as a Autocannon, but I will let you guy's be the judge when I can take a good picture. Which will be when the camera comes back from the menders yard.

So that's it for now I will leave you with some pictures of the finished Yarrick. Sorry for the quality put it was taken using my I Phone, but I will take better pictures when I get the Camera back. As always your comments are appreciated and till next time stay safe and have fun.

P.S. If anyone is going to Colours 2011 at Newbury Racecourse next weekend let me know and we will see if we can meet up, it would be nice to meet some fellow bloggers.