Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Up Date

Hi there folk's. Well I guess you all want to know what I have been up to these last few day's in the hobby world. To be honest I'm still doing the Command Squad but the end is in sight. I have finished all the arms except the Sgt's banner arm, as I am doing a banner out of green stuff which I have only just done and I need to let it dry over night. But apart from that all the other guy's are finished being painted, just the bases to do. The arms on a couple of guy's were a little tricky as I had to use a little green stuff due to gap's showing as the Cadian arms are not an exact fit, but at least they are in proportion with the Forge World bodies but I will let you guy's decide and give your opinions.

I also today received a special package from Maximini Miniature's. I just bumped into these as I was checking out there site, Autocannons in the style of my Gatling gun's. I fell in love with them right away and had to get some, so for some strange reason I purchased 4. Any body doing a guard army and want something a little different and special I recommend these guy's as there heavy weapons are awesome. They have just started doing static Hydra Flak guns which I must admit look just as good as the Forge World ones, and I may get some at one point after painting a bit more stuff.

So that's it for now, if I get a chance to  do a post of my completed Command Squad before the Apocalypse game on Saturday I will. If not I will do a post on the massive Apocalypse game on Sunday with lot's of cool pic's. Plus I have not forgotten about the review on my new army case I just have not had the time at the mo. So till next time have fun.


  1. Very cool! I do like the look of those heavy weapons - good find!

  2. I have to agree - those heavy weapons are fantastic. And the flak turret is awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

    As for your command squad... I think we're in the same mind again... I've been converting the Death Korp command I have into Praetorians as well! Not to mention the usage of cadian arms - including shoulder pads! Great minds, eh?

  3. You know what they say. Great minds think alike. Plus I think the heavy weapons are a good buy as they are cheaper than Forgeworld and GW, and for the simplicity I would say there quality is better as well.