Monday, 15 August 2011

Praetorian IV Coy History

As you may or may not know I have been collecting Praetorians for several year's now, but never really done any background history for them. So after the Apocalypse game on Saturday and somebody asking me why did I name them the 4th Company? My answer to this was why not.

Well since then it has bugged me, so I sat down tonight went right that's it and made some history up for them. So here it is.

A History of the 4th Company Praetorian Guard Regiment
(By Commissar Dave)

The 4th Company or normally seen as IV Coy was formed during a campaign against a renegade Eldar pirate fleet led by Lord Commander Sherdan. But by the time the company had finished being formed the campaign was over.

The company was sent to Montar VII to aid in the taking back of the planet by supporting the Praetorian 24th Regiment that had taken massive losses in the recent campaign against the Eldar. By the time the company had made planet fall at the space port, the battle for Big Toof River was already fully underway and word had reached Lieutenant Colonel J.R.M Chard that the battle was going against the Imperium. At some point that day Chard received orders from Colonel Ter-Ay that the space port must be held at all costs, and if need be a escape column to be formed to help aid in the evacuation’s of the planet.

Chard with the aid of Commissar Dave and Techpriest Dalton planned and set the defences in and around the space port. Lieutenant Bromhead was tasked with being the platoon that would if needed provide the escape column. Soon after the defences were set the lead scouts came in reporting that the first elements of the retreating army were inbound followed closely by pursuing Orks.

Chard dispatched Bromhead straight away to set up the escape column and aid the survivors. Bromhead managed to hold the column with his full strength platoon for almost six hours taking serious casualties. At some point’s of the battle the fighting was so thick that supply’s could not be ferried forward so were stripped from the survivors filtering back through. Bromhead was given the order to fall back after reporting that he was down to two infantry squads and one heavy weapons squad, from five infantry squads, five heavy weapons squad, and two special weapon squads.

Once Bromhead had returned to the main lines and helped man the defences the Ork’s pushed in for the final attack. The defender’s fought for over three hours while landers came in and extracted the survivor, and two squadrons of Thunderbolts provided air cover.

Chard had originally deployed with 1500 men and the Orks had deployed with over 6000. From the 1500 that had deployed only a Platoon strength had survived but had killed over 4000 Orks. The Company was extracted from the planet and instead of being absorbed into another Regiment or Company they were bestowed with a rare battle honour were they would remain as they are and the Praetorian survivors from Big Toof River would join their ranks. The Imperial Navy were so impressed by what the defenders had accomplished they gave the company the sole remaining Thunderbolt that survived the battle and repainted it in the Praetorian colours. Chard, Bromhead and many others were awarded the Praetorian Cross the highest honour a Praetorian guardsman can earn. The company was also awarded a special Regimental banner that has an emblem of a Sphinx from Holy Terra’s history.

Since the battle for Big Toof River the company has fought with distinction in many campaign’s and are highly respected for being able to hold ground under any circumstances. Some of the campaign’s they have fought in are the:-

Second War for Armageddon.
Battle of Golgotha (Aid in a Rescue Mission).
The Third War for Armageddon.
Thirteenth Black Crusade.
Campaign of Ornsworld.  

This is my first attempt at this so your comments would be much appreciated good or bad, and thanks for reading.


  1. Very good bud. Always nice to read a good background for an army - and I like the inclusion of your thunderbolt! Looking forward to hearing some more!

  2. Indeed, a nice start to your army background. Its a nice idea to work your story into an existing canon one as well, but without altering what is laid down as canon.

    Nice job!

  3. Love it! Would like to read about the Necron-related episodes, as seen by the 4th.