Wednesday, 3 August 2011


So before I disappeared to Canada for five weeks I was in the process of doing my new command squad. Well with a day's rest (sort of when you have kid's) to recover from my jet lag, I jumped stright back into it finishing off painting the main body's by last night. I'm really happy with the out come and they look almost the same as the commander. All I have left to do is the weapons arms and a banner which I am going to make out of green stuff, so wish me luck there as this is my first attempt at making something from scratch.

I must give a shout out to Karitas over at Excommunicate Traitors for the finely modeled and painted figure he has done for me when I won a prize draw he held, which I received today. If you get a chance go over to his site and have a look at his superbly painted Imperial Guard, and the first rate tuition painting guides he gives they are really helpfull.

With a big Apocalypse game coming up in just over a week's time I have set my self a bit of a challange. I am going to try and get painted three Hellhound's. As you can see from the photo two of them are the old style which I have had for years and a new style which I purchased the other day. I feel this will add a bit of punch to my army.

I also treated myself to a new figure case from the guys over at KR Multicase, or should I say there new backpacks they do. I must admitt I am very impressed with what I have received and the quality of the product. When I get more time I will post pictures and give a full review.

I will give an update soon on my progress with the Hellhounds, but till then have fun and as always your comments are appreciated.

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