Friday, 12 August 2011


The Command Squad is finished and based. After pulling a very late night to get the painting finished all that was left to do was the bases this morning, and a coat of purity seal.

The banner is made from green stuff and I am quite pleased with the result and it certainly does look better than my paper banner's. But my Squad's wont have banner's for much longer as they will be replaced with normal infantry. I will do a blog on how to banner's from green stuff as it really was easy and they do look really cool. The Sphinx was hand painted, but I did cheat with the writing and Imperial Eagle as these are transfers which do the job really well. If I do this again I will cut closer to the writing and and emblems as not to show so much flash.

So here are the pics, a couple without the commander and one with. Hope you like and your comments as always are appreciated.


  1. They look great as ever Commissar. Do like the cord on the banner. It will be a joy to flatten them all tomorrow :).

  2. absolutely fantastic again Commissar. brilliant paint scheme, and another fantastic bit of freehand! Got to ask though, where are the helmet crests from?

  3. They are part of the helmet. The helmet I purchased from Empress Miniatures in there Zulu range. They do diffrent set's, from plain to the one's you see above.