Friday, 19 August 2011

Commissar Yarrick

So after taking a few day's off after the Apocalypse game last Saturday, I have got back into painting putting the model's back into the display cabinet again and packing to go on holiday on Saturday.

Well after playing with a Yarrick that I painted years ago on Saturday I decided to paint one that I have had found tucked away. But this was only after I had purchased the new Finecast one. So below is my old Yarrick that I thought at the time would be really cool to paint red, needless to say I never really did like the colour scheme and is now being replaced.

So the new one that I found is being used as a test run for the Finecast version. As you can see I am trying to paint it closely like the GW one using the Finecast picture. The armour I am not happy with as I originally thought was metallic but looking closely at the picture I don't think it is. I would say it is either white or that non metallic painting style that GW do and I really hate it, it makes the models look so 2d. The braiding in the picture is yellow but I thought it would be nicer and look better if I did gold, which I think it does. It's not quite finished yet but not far off, and I hope to get him finished by the time I go back to work on the 30th august.

I am happy with the quality of this Finecast Yarrick. There is still quite a bit of flash to clean off, and as far as I can tell all the detail is there and I am looking forward to painting him at some point. But I want to paint a few more vehicles first and finish my Veteran squads off before I get round to painting him.

So that's it for now and I will see you all in a weeks time after my holiday.

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  1. I'm glad the finecast version of Yarrick is a good one. I've had nothing but trouble with finecast so far - I'm on my 4th Kaldor Draigo! Can't wait to see the finished paint job mate, looking good so far!