Saturday, 6 August 2011

Change of Plan

Hi everyone so with me being back a week, and a week to go before the big Apocalypse game I have had a change of plan.

With my new command squad taking longer than anticipated to finish painting and only just finished building the hull's and base coating them, I have decided to scrap the Hellhound project for now and concentrate on finishing my command squad. Also if I get enough time I will also finish my Commissar Yarrick model which I started some time ago. I will also finish off my vet squad by doing the bases so they finally look like the rest of my army.

Does anyone else they feel like they have bitten off more than they can chew in the hobby area? because at the mo I feel I have. But I will keep plodding on and I will get there in the end and have a completed army. When that day comes I have promised myself that I will purchase a Warhound Titan and paint it in my Praetorian colours. Plus you never know GW may have brought out a plastic version by then.


  1. YEah, i've been there, :)

    I feel that, much as in life, to get through I have to focus on small tasks, and sequnce them, acheive 1 thing then move on, if I try to mltitask too much I get swamped into inactivity.

    Ive even gone as far before to put some of the project away and out of sight to make it feel less intimidating :)

  2. I quess I will have to do the same. It is just that I have had some of the models for so long I would like to see them finished instead of being in a box on the shelf.

  3. Completely understand what you mean, 2 new Fantasy armies for myself, update my current one, 2 commission jobs, more Blood Angels (as always) mean that I almost always feel snowed under. I find that if you KNOW you HAVE to finish a certain project, you will do everything else first...

    That being said, I am scrapping one of my fantasy armies to make space...