Monday, 29 August 2011

Bad New's (The Camera is Broke)

As you can see from the title the camera is broken. This accident happened on holiday so it been sent off  to be repaired. So I am sorry to say as i don't have a back up camera there will be no pictures or the next couple of week's. But don't panic I will keep you all up to date with painting progress, and when I get the camera back I will take pictures and publish on my blog.

But to keep you all in the loop with Yarrick. He is nearly done just got his face and gun to finish then he is all done. I am glad with how he has turned out but I will change a few thing's when I do the Finecast version. But my next project after him will be back onto the Hellhound's I think, or may be my new Autocannons from Maximini. I will wait and see what takes my fancy.

Till next time have fun.

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