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Apocofez 2011

I know the title is a bit strange but this is in honour of the guy that organised the big Apocalypse game yesterday that I attended. This is a friend of mine for many years now who used to work for GW and has earned the name Fez man due to the Fez hat he wears when running games.So it was an early start for me as I was up at 6am and out the door by 7am to drive down to Guildford which is about an hour away from were I live. As always I was one of the first to arrive but that just meant more time for drinking brews before everyone else arrived. Most people arrived at 9am as directed and we promptly started to set up.

The rules for the game were everything had to be painted and based. The only exception being for a very nice chap who follows my blog religiously called Nathan, who has amassed a massive Praetorian Army and is still in the process of painting it. (Don't worry mate you will get there in the end I've still got loads to paint.)

The scenario was that the Imperium had started an archaeological dig (making a very rectangle square) and in doing so had disturbed a Necron tomb. (Not good as you will see from the pics latter,) but for some strange reason that nobody could fathom out the chaos and Eldar had shown up and were spoiling for a fight. I must admit the Imperial side were massively out numbered by the amount of Titans and Strength D weapons. It was a standard Apocalypse game of capturing objectives, but in edition if you wanted to take part you take on three extra missions. which I did and failed miserable, my missions being:-

            Rolling Road Block (All weapons destroyed but still moving)
            Oops Sorry (Frag your own side with friendly fire)
            Sever the Head (Kill an enemy general)

There were prize's awarded at the end of the day for people that had collected the most medals for their extra mission's and a couple of other's that I can't remember. But I did win a prize for my Army not doing much the whole game apart from die due to me being out of range for most things, and for my Commissar Yarrick to end up having his Chimera blown up surviving walk across the battle field do nothing in hand to hand with a daemon, get shot to bit's by Necron's but as customary with my Yarrick we see if he still lives's at the end of the game as this happened on the last turn. Which he did on a role of a 4.

So there it is a very tiring day of gaming that was load's of fun, and for the most important thing the photo's. I will also apologise for the length of the blog and the amount of photo's but it's worth it.

This Chaos Reaver Titan took a year to build and paint, and my photo's do not do this any justice.

The good side set up and ready with some of the reserves, with me set up in the centre because the Fezman wanted the terrain to be used by some one, so I did.

The bad guy's set up, with a tower of Chaos made by the same person as the Reaver titan.
Some more reserves good and bad. Plus the special squad that the Fezman requested to be painted.

Just part of the Huge Necron army and yes that is 5 pylons you see owned by the same person as well as loads of Monoliths.

Just some of the Titan's used that day, which were really nicely painted.

The main part of my army set up with and armoured column on the right, that moved a whole 24 inches before being blown to pieces.

A very small but nicely painted Tyranid force.

Nathan's ongoing Praetorian Army.
Fezman on a suicide mission.

The before and after when the Necron's showed up in front of me. Plus two of hardest Praetorian's I have ever known, who did not run took down two Necron's and died at their post so that other's could escape.

This is what happened to all our Titans, and this is as far as my armoured coloum got before being blown to pieces.
The special squad enters the fray.
A very nicely painted Daemon Prince.
Some of what I thought were very nicely painted Wraith Guard.
My Veterans taken down a Tomb Spider.

My Command squad after the Chimera is blown to bit's making it's way to a Daemon and loosing. I did cause a wound.
Before and after of a Titan going critical.
My Thunderbolt entering the fray, and what looks like an air traffic jam over Heathrow after an air strike.
A Golden Daemon winner from UK Games Day last year.

The aftermath of a very fun day. Hope you enjoyed the pic's and any comments are always appreciated.

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