Thursday, 2 June 2011

What's Been Happening

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the length of time that I have been absent, and for the lack of post's recently. But I have been a little busy of late, with starting a new job, the laptop deciding it's going to die, my IP address saying I live in far fetched places, and my wife deciding to loose her i phone.

Well thanks to everyone that had a look at what I had to sell unfortunately nobody was interested. So when I get the time I will put them on e bay when I figure out how to do it. But I have purchased from GW one of their new fine cast model's (If you can call it that). I was interested as I heard a lot of rumblings from various people who purchased one when they were released, due to the poor quality, damage and various other thing's. Well I received mine today and had a good look at it. I must have got a good one as there are no real drama's with it like some of the horror story's that I have heard. But the quality is no were as good as Forge World and is most definitely not worth the £10.50 I paid. It just looks like they used the old metal casting casings, placed a rubber lining inside then poured in the mixture. There is flash everywhere and mould lines that will take an age to clean up. If anybody has brought a box set I feel sorry for you as it will take longer to clean them than to paint them. But I guess GW will only get better at the process and before long will be at the same level as Forge World.

I have done some painting as I only have two months to the big Apocalypse game in August. I have started on my new Command HQ using the Death Korps of Kreig model's that I had with a little bit of converting, which wasn't that difficult really. Once they are done then I will move onto painting some more veterans, and in the next couple of months purchase a new larger carry case to move all my figure's safely.

Finally before I go, I have got back into gaming as at long last I have found a gaming club that is close to me. So I went down last Friday to play a game of 40K, which was a bit of an easy win for me as it was against two young kid's who have not been playing long. It showed when the mission was annihilation and they walked their Space Marines from one side to the other, while I sat back and blasted them with my big gun's. Walking terminators are such easy targets when they are not deep striked.

So I will leave it at that for now and when I go tomorrow for another game of 40k I will take the camera and get some pic's.

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