Monday, 20 June 2011

Thankyou, Announcement,Battle Report

First off I would like to thank everyone that has viewed and left comments, I never thought I would ever get just short of 3000 hits in such a short time. So again thanks a lot to everyone.
The announcement is unfortunately my blog is going to be very quite for the next 5 weeks as I am off to Canada. (No not on holiday I'm afraid). It is all work related. Because I am busy packing running around at work like a man possessed by horrible Chaos Daemon's (call in the Inquisition), I have not been able to get any Hobby done what so ever. But I will be back in time for the summer holidays and make up for it when I get back.

Well on Friday I went to the new gaming club that I have discovered, and had a game against what I thought to be a very nicely painted Tau army. Well because time was short we went for 1500 points (It's amazing what you can get in a guard Army for 1500 points these days), annihilation game pitched battle.

So he won the toss and set up first and took the first turn, as always rolled poorly to seize the incentive. Well his Hammer Head thank god did poorly by totally missing even with marker lights on my Vanquisher, but the troops on my left flank died horribly to his battle suits and Fire Warriors. But some how all my tanks survived. My turn was short lived as everything I shot either missed or was saved by the invulnerable the Tau have.

The second turn was very quite for both of us as we moved to either take advantage of the gaps created, or to defend a quickly disappearing left flank. Again the shooting from his Hammer Head failed to do anything even when he switched fire over to my Chimera. As did my Vanquisher's against his vehicles. But I did manage to kill 2 Fire Warriors with my Sentinel.

Turn three was more eventful for me as my Commissar Lord got into hand to hand with the Stealth Suits and ripped them apart with no wounds sustained. My Vanquisher on the left brought down a troop transport thing, and my vet's in the second Chimera disembarked and took down a Battle Suit and left the other one with one wound remaining. The Vanquisher on the right stunned the Hammer Head for a turn.

Turn 4 saw one of my Chimera's shaken by the Hammer Head, my Sentinel immobilised and weapon destroyed from his Broad Sides, and finished off by his Fire Warriors by immobilising it again. My vet's from earlier were whittled down by the soul remaining Battle Suit, but they won the day by taking it down in hand to hand. The Commissar Lord finished off the soul remaining Stealth Suit.

We decided we would just be able to get the last turn in, but for the life of me cant remember what happened as it all went so quickly. All I know I went from being 1 nil down to drawing level, then 2-1 to 2-2 to me wining in the last turn to take it to3-2 to me.

I loved the game so much and was so involved I forgot to take pictures during the game, but I did take pictures at the start. Hope you enjoy and as always comment's are always welcome.

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