Friday, 20 May 2011

Stop The Press

Well I might be a little slow on the up take here and I'm sure it was talked about when the Imperial Guard codex came out. I have just recently striped my Karskin troops as I want to use them as Storm Trooper's, and looking in the codex as to what to equip them with I noticed the similarities between Storm Trooper's and the Vets. I was also horrified in the point difference, see below for what I mean.

Storm Trooper :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(1) LD(7) SV(4+)

Sgt Storm Trooper :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(2) LD(8) SV(4+)

veteran :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(1) LD(7) SV(5+)

Veteran Sgt :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(1) LD(8) SV(5+)

Now if I give you the point's for a basic Storm Trooper Squad as mine will be it come's to 185 points. That is equipping them with a flamer, grenade launcher, power sword for the Sgt, and an extra five men to make a squad of ten.

Now if I do the point's for my Vet squad as I do them, it come's to 165 point's. That's equipping them with 2 plasma guns, melta gun, carapace armour to give them a 4+ save the same as Storm trooper's, power weapon and plasma pistol for the Sgt.

now it seems there is something wrong here because I can get a Vet squad with twice as much fire power same armour saves and 20 point's cheaper. Plus a vet squad can take objectives.

I know what you guy's might say but you need a platoon of them. In fact you don't, no were in the codex does it say you need to take a command squad for them and they are not classed as a Infantry squad. So for a legal army all you need is your Company HQ Command and two vet squads. Were as you can by the force org chart only take 1 Storm Trooper Squad.

Now I know the Storm Trooper's have there pro's and con's, so do the Vet's and it's not going to stop me from using them. But I just feel that vet squads should cost more in point's or the equipment they use should cost more.

Well I will leave it at that and see what you guy's think.


  1. Hm, I never thought they were that out of whack myself.

    I mean, the 20pt difference you ahve there is easily paid for by the ability to reroll deep strikes.

    or, to put it another way, to get the vet squad to be able to infiltrate or outflank you need Harker, and he's more than 20pts.

    sure they arent scoring, but Melta vets dont usually live long enough to score becuase they are such a high priority target.

    I run my stormies as 5 man 2 melta units with the deepstrike option. they cost 105 pts, and usually warp in, take out a 150+ pt tank and then hang arouns in the backfeild making a neiusance of themselves.

    I liked them so much I converted up a second unit. (yeah I got two squads from a single box by converting the two special and two normal troops to melta gunners) :)

  2. I agree vets seem undercosted for what they do. That is why my army tends to be 5 squads of them in chimeras and a large platoon. The storm troopers do have AP3 which is alright vs marines but obviously less good in 5th edition than it would have been in 4th because of all the cover save shenanigans and people rolling around in transports. Basically the storm troopers are fun to take and in certain missions their scout/outflank rules can be handy, otherwise I'd avoid them as despite all their extra rules you might as well take vets. I guess if your troop slots are all full then they can be more bodies on the table!

    Also you don't actually even have to take a Company Command Squad as you can take a Sanctioned psyker or Lord Commisar HQ.