Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still Here

Just to let you guy's know I am still here and working hard on trying to get the Thunderbolt finished, and the special project for my friend. I am alternating between the two by doing one one night and the other the next, to keep both projects moving along. I must admit I am not going to do two projects at once again, I feel it's a bit to much for my style of painting.

On the special project all the armour is done and highlighted along with the detail which I have done in gold, and have also highlighted. I have not painted the eagle or the belt yet as I am not quite sure what colour to do them yet. But I am pretty sure I will do the eagle gold, and I was thinking of doing the belt in leather but I am still undecided. I have now started on the cloak and pelt I guess you would call it, and these will be done in red as I have now built up quite a good technique, which makes it look very realistic and bright.

The Thunderbolt has had its second wing finished and now have started on the large engine cowlings. They have been highlighted and are now waiting for the weathering to be done on them. After that it's all down hill for the Thunderbolt as all that will be left to do are the little detail's that define the model, and won't take much painting.

But for now here are some pic's of progress so far. I will also do another blog on Saturday as a progress update. Also a blog shout for a friend of mine that has started his own business. (Bare with it as it won't be hobby related but is still of interest honest).

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  1. Nice! The Thunderbolt is coming along nicely, I look forward to seeing the final result. The silver and gold on the other model looks very cool as well - keep up the great work!