Thursday, 19 May 2011

Special Project Update

Hi everyone, sorry for the length of time not blogging anything but I have been a little busy of late. With changing job which thankfully does not require me to move home, and of course this little project. But I have also sorted out what I have left to paint for my Army, and also decided to get rid of some stuff. Haven't decided if I'm going to blog it to see if I get interest as a job lot or eBay it.

I have decided once I have finished this project I am gong to move back onto painting troop's as I feel I could do with a few more. I have already started converting my new command squad, and converting a whole platoon worth of veteran Praetorians. I will post pictures very soon of what I have done.

So what have I done so far on the special project. Well I have now finished the main body and will move onto the two arm's and weapons tonight, and hopefully with a couple of late nights get the model finished by Saturday. I am still waiting for a reply from my friend as to what base he would like it on but that can wait.
I decided eventually to go for a leather belt, and doing the eagle on the chest gold, but using a different technique from the rest of the armour.

For now here are the pics hope you enjoy.

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