Sunday, 1 May 2011

Special Project Update

Today I travelled back down south with family, so I haven't managed to do any painting today. But yesterday was a different story as I managed to do quite a bit more on the model.

So I managed to highlight the metal area of the armour using a technique I used originally on my Lord Rex model. This was to paint all the armour area's first using Tin Bitz then go over with Boltgun metal. Badab Black wash all over then Boltgun metal again. Then highlight with Chainmail and again a wash, I do this two or three times depending on the area. I then give it a final highlight of Mithiral Silver. I feel that this gives a metal armour an authentic look.

The detail area's are quite tricky to paint as they are quite detailed. But again they are given a coat of Tin Bitz then gone over with Dwarf Bronze. Highlighted with Shining Gold. I have started doing the detail area's with Burnished Gold were the light will hit to give it a bright shine, this will take several layers to accomplish. I will then do a final highlight using Shining Gold mixed with Mitheral Silver on the very tips of the armour, to give the effect of light hitting the very edges of the armour.

So that's were I am at right now, but I will get some more done tomorrow and a bit more done on the Thunderbolt. So stay tuned and here are the pic's.

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