Friday, 20 May 2011

Soap Box

I was not going to do this by jumping on the band wagon and complain about GW price increase, and in a way I am not. To be honest I am in a way going to defend them.

Now as you all may or may not know I have been doing the hobby for 16 years now, and have tried many of the gaming systems that GW have done. Some have been really good in my opinion and some not. For instance I really enjoyed Man O War and could not really understand why they discontinued it, as I felt it was a really popular game. The thing that really annoyed me was when they discontinued the Praetorian Range of figure's without telling anyone. It was only when I rang up to order some and to let them know that they were no longer on their website that I found out. When I asked them what they had done with the remaining stock I was horrified when told they were melted down. To that end I wrote a very strongly worded e-mail to GW telling them what a huge mistake they had made and why have they done it. Well they did reply with a very nice e-mail apologising and given me the reasons behind making very difficult decisions, which I am not going into as I am going of the point I want to raise.

Over the last couple of day's I have seen many Blogs all complaining about the price rise, and why have they done it, and who's responsible, and let's all complain give up GW and do something else. Well I hate to tell you this guy's they are a very big company and for every one seasoned gamer they would loose they would have 20 little snot nosed kids take it up. So leaving is not really a solution. What we have to bare in mined as veteran gamers is that we have been doing the hobby for longer than five years and most of use have several Army's that we would now consider as being complete. So we don't really buy anything in huge quantities any more so does the price increase effect us that much? Not really. If you are buying a whole new Army in one massive block then yes I understand that would have a huge impact, but we don't, that's the new snot face kid's.

What we have to look at is why have GW done a price increase and have done so for the last 16 years that I can remember. Well to start with the whole design process that GW has changed in the last few years to being on computer. (yes I know they still do all their mock ups) but the majority is now done on computer which they proudly show off at Games Day's. Now to get new computers that are powerful enough, all the other hardware and software is going to cost a boatload of money. On top of that the cost of Road and Air transportation has gone up massively, the cost of material has also gone up. So to that end unfortunately we the customers have to share that burden of paying a little bit more for our miniatures.

Now I know it is a hard pill to swallow with the cost of living increasing and wages not. I know as I myself serving in the Army is on a 2 year wage freeze and looking at being made redundant in the next 4 years. Is that going to stop doing the thing I love? No is the answer, so why should it stop you? What GW need right now is the veterans among us to stop moaning and having a go at GW but supporting them and helping them through these difficult time's.

Some of you might reply to this saying that they are barring and blocking people. Well my answer to that is. If you read the small print they will bar and block people who are being offensive so that is one reason. The second being is they are fed up with the amount of grieve and hostility that they are getting hence the reason why they are shutting themselves away from their customers at the moment. If we offer our support and sympathy then the whole attitude will change, and they will be more willing to support us their customers.

Finally the share holder's within GW do not run GW hence the reason they have annual meeting's. The share holders are their for the financial backing they give the company so that it can keep producing top quality gaming miniature's. The reason behind the annual meeting's is to show the share holders what the company is doing financially, were they are going to spend money for the next financial year and what improvements they are planning to do.

So that's it, me on my soap box. I'm going to get off now, please if you have any comment's about what I have wrote then please let me know and I look forward to reading them.


  1. I'm kinda with you on this Dave, but you're missing a demographic.

    The load internet heroes who play tournaments and like to build a whole new army every toournament season or two to keep on the "best" codices.

    we dont have many of those on my side of the pond, but the US, and hence the internet has quite a few. I think it's them that are most angry and vocal.

    Gamers like you, and myself wont be badly affected, as we only occasionally add a unit or buy a shiny new model.

    if I were going to start screaming on the net about the price of something, itd be petrol :)

  2. No kidding, petrol has shot up 300% in the last 10 years. I remember buying a gallon for 1.27 and thinking that was terrible in 2001.

    With currency exchange rates and world markets being what they are we have very little room to complain, its a hobby afterall!