Saturday, 21 May 2011

So What's Next?

So what is next I here you all ask. Well I am going back onto troop's, but just not any normal troop's but veterans to be precise. It only came about due to the fact that I had loads of the new Plastic Cadian model's and I thought it would be a shame to waste them, so decided to convert them instead. I found a company thank's to Col Garvis that sell's Praetorian head's, that company being Empress Minatures. Plus seeing many people plus the 40K rule book goes by WYSIWYG then the armour look's great as carapace armour. So I have decided to do a small Platoon of them. They will all have the pack packs from the Forgeworld cadian vet's pack so that they look like they operate away from the main army. As you can see I have already finished one which I thought would be really cool to base him on Colour Sergeant Bourne from Zulu.(Sort of).

The lone Grenade Launcher guy is just there to be painted and added to my second platoon Hq as they are missing a special weapon.

The conversion's you see at the back will be my new Company HQ command Vets, to go along with it's commander that I did some time ago and use as my coy Commander. I am not going to use the arms on the sprues but the Cadian arm's which I have already dry tested and look fine. But I will need to do a new standard which I need to work on and may take a bit of converting. So All I need to do now is clean them up, give them a good wash and base them.

So busy time's ahead but as alway's I will keep you guy's posted.

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