Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nearly Finished

Here is the second of my post's tonight. So let's get down to the important stuff now that I have done the Blog Shout Out.

So as the title says I have nearly finished at last, the Thunderbolt. I have made an effort to get it done as I feel it has taken me to long to complete and I need to move onto something new. Well I took the night off from painting on Thursday as work had drained me of all energy, and I decided to put the special project to one side for now and concentrate on the Thunderbolt.

Friday night was taken up by finishing the engine housing and the rear half of the engines themselves. The engine housing was done the same way as the rest of the model apart from the side vents. These were based black, dry brushed with Tin Bitz then Boltgun Metal. Given a highlight with Chainmail, I then gave them a dry brush with Chaos Black on the vents and the side of the engine housing to give the impression of soot build up.

The rear engine parts were done the same as the side vents up to the highlighting. To give the impression that the metal gets hot I used watered down Purple and Brown ink, the again a very light dry brush with Chaos Black for the build up of soot. I then glued these part's together and attached them to the Thunderbolt. At this point I was chuffed to bits as it started to look like a plane.

Tonight I haven't really accomplished that much, but I have completed the front part of the engine's which were done the same way as above, apart from the black dry brushing. I have also done the engine fuel piping and covers for the piping.

So what's left I here you ask. Not allot really, all that needs doing now is the main engine cover, the thruster's that go underneath and a couple of decals. The problem child will be the base as I am not quite sure how to tackle it yet. I would like to just pin the base so I can detach it when I move my models around. But I'm not sure if the clear plastic flying base will take to being drilled to take the pin's. If anybody has got any advise then please let me know as I am really stuck on that bit.

Well this is what you have all been waiting for, the pic's. Enjoy and any comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Nice work, can we get an overhead of the entire model sometime you've got a minute?