Friday, 13 May 2011

It's Finished

I was going to post this on Thursday night, but Blogger decided other wise by crashing on us and by the sounds of it being awkward to repair. But that's modern technology for you.

So less about that and on to the important thing. So can I have a drum roll please! The moment you have all been waiting for the Thunderbolt is finished and on it's stand.

My idea for the stand did not work as the plastic does not like to be drilled as it is of a very low and cheap quality. So I decided to cut it quite short, but did not take into account the lower you go the steeper the angle gets. So when I glued the Thunderbolt to it it wasn't level but at an angle, but to be honest I quite like it as it gives the impression that it has either just taken off or done a strafing run. But I will let you guy's be the judge of that.

So here are the pic's you have all been waiting for, and I am now going to finish off the special project. As always any tips and comment's are welcome.


  1. Looks great! This has been a fun project to watch.

  2. Thank's it has been a fun project to work on.