Saturday, 21 May 2011

Another Project Finished

Well as promised I have finished this project I was doing for a friend. To be honest I am very pleased at how it has turned out as I didn't think the technique I used would be that good on such a large model. It's hard to believe it is a 28mm model.

The sword was painted using the step by step guide out of White Dwarf for painting the Halberds for the Grey Knights Terminators. The power claw, or fist was painted the same way as the rest of the armour.

Now if you are wondering what this is for. Well it's for a big Apocalypse game I am attending in August, arranged by the person who wanted this. What he did is push out a Facebook request to anyone that is attending, and asked them if they would like to do a Space Marine model based on their own style to go with his Command Squad with a few stipulation's. Well I jumped at the chance to show off my painting skill's and wanted something that was very different and special for my friend. So this is what I came up with, but I let you guy's be the judge of how well I have done and as always any comment's are welcome.

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