Sunday, 22 May 2011

For Sale

Now I did want a separate window for this so people can go to it at any time, but I have no idea how you do it. So if any body does then please let me know so that I can do it myself. But for now I will do it like this.

So I have had a bit of a clear out and decided to get rid of some model's that I will not use. To that any reasonable offer is accepted and I will cover the cost of the postage if in the UK. Else were in the world I will have to get back to you on that one.

So here is what I have up for sale.

1. 15 old style Cadian's with a Junior officer amongst them with shotgun. These model's have never been painted and will be supplied with bases.

2. Old style Cadian mortar team complete, again bases will be provided plus a base to put the mortar onto itself. Also these have never been painted.

3. New style command squad minus the commander which I converted for my Praetorian Army. Also there is Lord Castellan Creed and Colour Sergeant Kell. Apart from Creed all models have not been painted and will be supplied with bases. Creed can be stripped as he is a metal model, and on request I can do this for you.

4. Next we have 2 Junior Cadian officers still in the blister pack, and 4 Cadian sniper's. 2 of which are in the plister pack and two that have been painted. Again these can be stripped if wanted.

5. Old style Catchan heavy weapon's team x2, 3 sniper's, and one Junior officer complete. These have not been painted and will be supplied with bases.

6. Next is some Steel Legion models, we have here a complete missile launcher team, a Sergeant and 2 Junior officers. One of the heavy weapon crew has been based in chaos black, but can be stripped if required.

7. Here is 1 and 1/2 Attilian Rough Riders, there are two spears even there is only one showing in the photo.

8. What we have here is 3 Games Day miniatures, one of which is Forgeworld. They are all complete in their packaging. The Forgeworld model I believe is quite rare now as it was released just for Games Day in 2008, but don't quote me on that one.

9. The last lot are model's that I have either acquired from the paint set's, or White Dwarf. Apart from the little night goblin. I have no Idea were he came from but would make a nice character model for someone Goblin Army.

Again I am open to sensable offers, and will do any combination that you would like. If you are at all interested then please e-mail at the address below so that we can to some sort of arrangement, and sort out payment.

Thanks for looking and I hope there is something here that you like.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

So What's Next?

So what is next I here you all ask. Well I am going back onto troop's, but just not any normal troop's but veterans to be precise. It only came about due to the fact that I had loads of the new Plastic Cadian model's and I thought it would be a shame to waste them, so decided to convert them instead. I found a company thank's to Col Garvis that sell's Praetorian head's, that company being Empress Minatures. Plus seeing many people plus the 40K rule book goes by WYSIWYG then the armour look's great as carapace armour. So I have decided to do a small Platoon of them. They will all have the pack packs from the Forgeworld cadian vet's pack so that they look like they operate away from the main army. As you can see I have already finished one which I thought would be really cool to base him on Colour Sergeant Bourne from Zulu.(Sort of).

The lone Grenade Launcher guy is just there to be painted and added to my second platoon Hq as they are missing a special weapon.

The conversion's you see at the back will be my new Company HQ command Vets, to go along with it's commander that I did some time ago and use as my coy Commander. I am not going to use the arms on the sprues but the Cadian arm's which I have already dry tested and look fine. But I will need to do a new standard which I need to work on and may take a bit of converting. So All I need to do now is clean them up, give them a good wash and base them.

So busy time's ahead but as alway's I will keep you guy's posted.

Another Project Finished

Well as promised I have finished this project I was doing for a friend. To be honest I am very pleased at how it has turned out as I didn't think the technique I used would be that good on such a large model. It's hard to believe it is a 28mm model.

The sword was painted using the step by step guide out of White Dwarf for painting the Halberds for the Grey Knights Terminators. The power claw, or fist was painted the same way as the rest of the armour.

Now if you are wondering what this is for. Well it's for a big Apocalypse game I am attending in August, arranged by the person who wanted this. What he did is push out a Facebook request to anyone that is attending, and asked them if they would like to do a Space Marine model based on their own style to go with his Command Squad with a few stipulation's. Well I jumped at the chance to show off my painting skill's and wanted something that was very different and special for my friend. So this is what I came up with, but I let you guy's be the judge of how well I have done and as always any comment's are welcome.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Stop The Press

Well I might be a little slow on the up take here and I'm sure it was talked about when the Imperial Guard codex came out. I have just recently striped my Karskin troops as I want to use them as Storm Trooper's, and looking in the codex as to what to equip them with I noticed the similarities between Storm Trooper's and the Vets. I was also horrified in the point difference, see below for what I mean.

Storm Trooper :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(1) LD(7) SV(4+)

Sgt Storm Trooper :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(2) LD(8) SV(4+)

veteran :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(1) LD(7) SV(5+)

Veteran Sgt :- WS(3) BS(4) S(3) T(3) W(1) I(3) A(1) LD(8) SV(5+)

Now if I give you the point's for a basic Storm Trooper Squad as mine will be it come's to 185 points. That is equipping them with a flamer, grenade launcher, power sword for the Sgt, and an extra five men to make a squad of ten.

Now if I do the point's for my Vet squad as I do them, it come's to 165 point's. That's equipping them with 2 plasma guns, melta gun, carapace armour to give them a 4+ save the same as Storm trooper's, power weapon and plasma pistol for the Sgt.

now it seems there is something wrong here because I can get a Vet squad with twice as much fire power same armour saves and 20 point's cheaper. Plus a vet squad can take objectives.

I know what you guy's might say but you need a platoon of them. In fact you don't, no were in the codex does it say you need to take a command squad for them and they are not classed as a Infantry squad. So for a legal army all you need is your Company HQ Command and two vet squads. Were as you can by the force org chart only take 1 Storm Trooper Squad.

Now I know the Storm Trooper's have there pro's and con's, so do the Vet's and it's not going to stop me from using them. But I just feel that vet squads should cost more in point's or the equipment they use should cost more.

Well I will leave it at that and see what you guy's think.

Soap Box

I was not going to do this by jumping on the band wagon and complain about GW price increase, and in a way I am not. To be honest I am in a way going to defend them.

Now as you all may or may not know I have been doing the hobby for 16 years now, and have tried many of the gaming systems that GW have done. Some have been really good in my opinion and some not. For instance I really enjoyed Man O War and could not really understand why they discontinued it, as I felt it was a really popular game. The thing that really annoyed me was when they discontinued the Praetorian Range of figure's without telling anyone. It was only when I rang up to order some and to let them know that they were no longer on their website that I found out. When I asked them what they had done with the remaining stock I was horrified when told they were melted down. To that end I wrote a very strongly worded e-mail to GW telling them what a huge mistake they had made and why have they done it. Well they did reply with a very nice e-mail apologising and given me the reasons behind making very difficult decisions, which I am not going into as I am going of the point I want to raise.

Over the last couple of day's I have seen many Blogs all complaining about the price rise, and why have they done it, and who's responsible, and let's all complain give up GW and do something else. Well I hate to tell you this guy's they are a very big company and for every one seasoned gamer they would loose they would have 20 little snot nosed kids take it up. So leaving is not really a solution. What we have to bare in mined as veteran gamers is that we have been doing the hobby for longer than five years and most of use have several Army's that we would now consider as being complete. So we don't really buy anything in huge quantities any more so does the price increase effect us that much? Not really. If you are buying a whole new Army in one massive block then yes I understand that would have a huge impact, but we don't, that's the new snot face kid's.

What we have to look at is why have GW done a price increase and have done so for the last 16 years that I can remember. Well to start with the whole design process that GW has changed in the last few years to being on computer. (yes I know they still do all their mock ups) but the majority is now done on computer which they proudly show off at Games Day's. Now to get new computers that are powerful enough, all the other hardware and software is going to cost a boatload of money. On top of that the cost of Road and Air transportation has gone up massively, the cost of material has also gone up. So to that end unfortunately we the customers have to share that burden of paying a little bit more for our miniatures.

Now I know it is a hard pill to swallow with the cost of living increasing and wages not. I know as I myself serving in the Army is on a 2 year wage freeze and looking at being made redundant in the next 4 years. Is that going to stop doing the thing I love? No is the answer, so why should it stop you? What GW need right now is the veterans among us to stop moaning and having a go at GW but supporting them and helping them through these difficult time's.

Some of you might reply to this saying that they are barring and blocking people. Well my answer to that is. If you read the small print they will bar and block people who are being offensive so that is one reason. The second being is they are fed up with the amount of grieve and hostility that they are getting hence the reason why they are shutting themselves away from their customers at the moment. If we offer our support and sympathy then the whole attitude will change, and they will be more willing to support us their customers.

Finally the share holder's within GW do not run GW hence the reason they have annual meeting's. The share holders are their for the financial backing they give the company so that it can keep producing top quality gaming miniature's. The reason behind the annual meeting's is to show the share holders what the company is doing financially, were they are going to spend money for the next financial year and what improvements they are planning to do.

So that's it, me on my soap box. I'm going to get off now, please if you have any comment's about what I have wrote then please let me know and I look forward to reading them.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Special Project Update

Hi everyone, sorry for the length of time not blogging anything but I have been a little busy of late. With changing job which thankfully does not require me to move home, and of course this little project. But I have also sorted out what I have left to paint for my Army, and also decided to get rid of some stuff. Haven't decided if I'm going to blog it to see if I get interest as a job lot or eBay it.

I have decided once I have finished this project I am gong to move back onto painting troop's as I feel I could do with a few more. I have already started converting my new command squad, and converting a whole platoon worth of veteran Praetorians. I will post pictures very soon of what I have done.

So what have I done so far on the special project. Well I have now finished the main body and will move onto the two arm's and weapons tonight, and hopefully with a couple of late nights get the model finished by Saturday. I am still waiting for a reply from my friend as to what base he would like it on but that can wait.
I decided eventually to go for a leather belt, and doing the eagle on the chest gold, but using a different technique from the rest of the armour.

For now here are the pics hope you enjoy.

Friday, 13 May 2011

It's Finished

I was going to post this on Thursday night, but Blogger decided other wise by crashing on us and by the sounds of it being awkward to repair. But that's modern technology for you.

So less about that and on to the important thing. So can I have a drum roll please! The moment you have all been waiting for the Thunderbolt is finished and on it's stand.

My idea for the stand did not work as the plastic does not like to be drilled as it is of a very low and cheap quality. So I decided to cut it quite short, but did not take into account the lower you go the steeper the angle gets. So when I glued the Thunderbolt to it it wasn't level but at an angle, but to be honest I quite like it as it gives the impression that it has either just taken off or done a strafing run. But I will let you guy's be the judge of that.

So here are the pic's you have all been waiting for, and I am now going to finish off the special project. As always any tips and comment's are welcome.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nearly Finished

Here is the second of my post's tonight. So let's get down to the important stuff now that I have done the Blog Shout Out.

So as the title says I have nearly finished at last, the Thunderbolt. I have made an effort to get it done as I feel it has taken me to long to complete and I need to move onto something new. Well I took the night off from painting on Thursday as work had drained me of all energy, and I decided to put the special project to one side for now and concentrate on the Thunderbolt.

Friday night was taken up by finishing the engine housing and the rear half of the engines themselves. The engine housing was done the same way as the rest of the model apart from the side vents. These were based black, dry brushed with Tin Bitz then Boltgun Metal. Given a highlight with Chainmail, I then gave them a dry brush with Chaos Black on the vents and the side of the engine housing to give the impression of soot build up.

The rear engine parts were done the same as the side vents up to the highlighting. To give the impression that the metal gets hot I used watered down Purple and Brown ink, the again a very light dry brush with Chaos Black for the build up of soot. I then glued these part's together and attached them to the Thunderbolt. At this point I was chuffed to bits as it started to look like a plane.

Tonight I haven't really accomplished that much, but I have completed the front part of the engine's which were done the same way as above, apart from the black dry brushing. I have also done the engine fuel piping and covers for the piping.

So what's left I here you ask. Not allot really, all that needs doing now is the main engine cover, the thruster's that go underneath and a couple of decals. The problem child will be the base as I am not quite sure how to tackle it yet. I would like to just pin the base so I can detach it when I move my models around. But I'm not sure if the clear plastic flying base will take to being drilled to take the pin's. If anybody has got any advise then please let me know as I am really stuck on that bit.

Well this is what you have all been waiting for, the pic's. Enjoy and any comments are greatly appreciated.

Blog Shout Out

As promised here is the first of my two post's today. Sorry for the lateness but I wanted to get quite a bit done on the Thunderbolt. But enough of that for now and on with the shout out.

I am doing this for a very close friend of mine who is leaving the Army very soon, and has taken the plunge in setting up a new business for himself. For those of you in America I would presume you would have heard the company that my friend is now selling product's from. The company in question is Forever and they manufacture Health and Fitness product's made from Aloe. For those that are not sure what this is, it is a plant with thick green leaves like a cactus.

The products he is selling do a variety of thing's which he is blogging about every couple of day's describing what it is and what it can do for you. Now if you have ackes and pains, you have taken medication for or tried different fitness shakes, and they didn't work then this could be the man for you.

If you are interested then go over to his blog and check it out. He has various links regarding the products he his selling and is more than an approachable guy and will help you in anyway he can. The link for his blog can be found on my Non Hobby Site list.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still Here

Just to let you guy's know I am still here and working hard on trying to get the Thunderbolt finished, and the special project for my friend. I am alternating between the two by doing one one night and the other the next, to keep both projects moving along. I must admit I am not going to do two projects at once again, I feel it's a bit to much for my style of painting.

On the special project all the armour is done and highlighted along with the detail which I have done in gold, and have also highlighted. I have not painted the eagle or the belt yet as I am not quite sure what colour to do them yet. But I am pretty sure I will do the eagle gold, and I was thinking of doing the belt in leather but I am still undecided. I have now started on the cloak and pelt I guess you would call it, and these will be done in red as I have now built up quite a good technique, which makes it look very realistic and bright.

The Thunderbolt has had its second wing finished and now have started on the large engine cowlings. They have been highlighted and are now waiting for the weathering to be done on them. After that it's all down hill for the Thunderbolt as all that will be left to do are the little detail's that define the model, and won't take much painting.

But for now here are some pic's of progress so far. I will also do another blog on Saturday as a progress update. Also a blog shout for a friend of mine that has started his own business. (Bare with it as it won't be hobby related but is still of interest honest).

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Special Project Update

Today I travelled back down south with family, so I haven't managed to do any painting today. But yesterday was a different story as I managed to do quite a bit more on the model.

So I managed to highlight the metal area of the armour using a technique I used originally on my Lord Rex model. This was to paint all the armour area's first using Tin Bitz then go over with Boltgun metal. Badab Black wash all over then Boltgun metal again. Then highlight with Chainmail and again a wash, I do this two or three times depending on the area. I then give it a final highlight of Mithiral Silver. I feel that this gives a metal armour an authentic look.

The detail area's are quite tricky to paint as they are quite detailed. But again they are given a coat of Tin Bitz then gone over with Dwarf Bronze. Highlighted with Shining Gold. I have started doing the detail area's with Burnished Gold were the light will hit to give it a bright shine, this will take several layers to accomplish. I will then do a final highlight using Shining Gold mixed with Mitheral Silver on the very tips of the armour, to give the effect of light hitting the very edges of the armour.

So that's were I am at right now, but I will get some more done tomorrow and a bit more done on the Thunderbolt. So stay tuned and here are the pic's.