Saturday, 2 April 2011

Thunderbolt Project Pt3 Cont

Well on Friday night as promised I finished the pilot and have now glued him in place within his cockpit. To tell the truth I am quite happy with how he has turned out and he ties in quite nicely with the rest of the model.

I gave him an all red flight suit which I do using Red Gore then use a Red ink to give shading, then highlight with Blood Red and Blazing Orange. White helmet was any easy choice after all he is part of the Praetorian IV Coy. The white gloves is to keep in line with all my Armored Cavalry.

The ejector seat was easy after the base coat of black and painting the pilot, I just touched up were was required. Black ink the whole area to give a shine. The piping was left as is, but the leather harness straps and black leather collar were given a coat of Hard Coat. The lenses on the helmet were done the same as I mentioned in my blog yesterday.

Well that's it for now, time to get on with the wing's and engines. But here are the pics I promised.

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