Friday, 22 April 2011

GW Fix

Yesterday I went into Halifax to a very cool hobby shop that I visit when I am up in this neck of the woods. I know I know it's not GW but it's close enough.

I went there to pick up a clear sheet of plastic as I know they sell it at a very good price. This sheet will be used for the canopy on the Thunderbolt as it did not come with any. So my job on Monday is to cut it down and fit it plus start on the engines.

But I also decided to treat myself to the new Grey Knight's Codex as an Easter present from the wife. I decided to get one because in an original plan I was going to use a small force of Sister of Battle along with the Inquisitor Lord that I purchased from Forgeworld some time ago, with my Praetorian Guard Army. But seeing as they have now put the Inquisitor's in with Grey Knights this has changed my plan slightly.

I just need to decide what I am going to get in the way of troops. Which will not be much as I don't want a huge force, just something that will complement my Praetorian Guard. Any suggestions is very much appreciated.


  1. The inquisitor Coteaz allows you to unlock henchmen squads as troops. You could easily use guard for these just adding a few extra cool troops to the squads as you see fit (eg. oblitorator monkeys!). This would then provide a solid and cheap hq and troop section of the army with very few purchases which would allow you to then add whatever cool bits of the army you fancy (purgation squads/paladin termies/dreadknights) as you see fit. Its basically what I plan to do when my flavour of the month friends have had their fill of the grey knights dex :P

  2. Cool thanks for the info, I will look into that. I haven't got round to reading the selection choices yet, still reading the history behind the grey knights at the mo.

  3. I too found the HQ choice the most difficult part of building a Grey Night army. I will following your progress on this one.

  4. Right I have decided I am going to keep my lord Rex as his rules do make him hard plus he comes in termi armour and I have enough extra inquistor troops to make the retinue. Then I will have two five man squads for the troops. Just not sure if I will use GW models or find something a little diffrent else were.

  5. If you go with marine plastics, but don't want to fork out for the Grey Knight kits, here's something interesting for decoration:

    You could probably imitate a lot of that detail with greenstuff too.

    If you want something fresh for the henchmen, or inspiration, have a look at Malifaux, or maybe some of these guys:

    The Warhammer range has some good starting points too, like the Empire flagellants and militia, and Brettonnian men at arms and peasants. And Mordheim of course.

  6. Thanks Porky. I have just purchased two boxes of the GK marine boxes. I will look at your sugesstions for the henchmen.