Saturday, 30 April 2011

As Promised

Before I left home on Thursday to travel north I had two special delivery's. One from GW which was my Grey Knights that I ordered, and the other was my special project for a friend of mine.

On my last blog I did say I would bring some painting and not tell you yet what I would be painting. Well originally it was going to be Commissar Yarrick in his traditional colours to replace an old one that I have. But due to these new delivery's I quickly changed my plan, so instead I brought my friends special project.

So Thursday night I got all the flashes off and just gave the model a general tidy up as it was cast from resin, ready to be washed and cleaned on the Friday after the Royal Wedding. (Sorry I know, but I am a Royalist part of my job I'm afraid). Well he was washed and cleaned left to dry and based coated. I even got as far as doing the first lot of colour on the Armour.

I will be doing more today and will post pictures soon. (By the end of today I hope). So you can all see what it is and as always give me back your feedback.

Not quite the end of the day but here are the pics. Sorry about the quality but the inlaws house is not the best for lighting.

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  1. very interested to see how you do this, as I have the same model (bought at the same time as my custodes-stand-ins)