Saturday, 30 April 2011

As Promised

Before I left home on Thursday to travel north I had two special delivery's. One from GW which was my Grey Knights that I ordered, and the other was my special project for a friend of mine.

On my last blog I did say I would bring some painting and not tell you yet what I would be painting. Well originally it was going to be Commissar Yarrick in his traditional colours to replace an old one that I have. But due to these new delivery's I quickly changed my plan, so instead I brought my friends special project.

So Thursday night I got all the flashes off and just gave the model a general tidy up as it was cast from resin, ready to be washed and cleaned on the Friday after the Royal Wedding. (Sorry I know, but I am a Royalist part of my job I'm afraid). Well he was washed and cleaned left to dry and based coated. I even got as far as doing the first lot of colour on the Armour.

I will be doing more today and will post pictures soon. (By the end of today I hope). So you can all see what it is and as always give me back your feedback.

Not quite the end of the day but here are the pics. Sorry about the quality but the inlaws house is not the best for lighting.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thunderbolt Update

You will all be glad to know I made it back down south on Monday safely, and made it very quickly to my painting station to get some painting done while the wife and kid's stayed up north.

Well after doing a few job's like feeding myself and sorting my work stuff out for the Tuesday I decided to spray paint the wings and the main engine housings white, ready for the red to go on. That's as far as I got as I did not realise how tired I was and decided to call it a night there.

Tuesday night was a right off as a friend of mine asked if I would go along with him to a meeting as morale support, and ended up not getting back till 11:30 at night.

So tonight I put Star Trek The Wrath of Karn and ZULU on to give me some inspiration. I have painted the wings Red Gore highlighted with Blood Red, and Blazing Orange. I did my normal chip work using Chardon Granite, and Boltgun Metal on the front part of the wings to represent the air friction the fighter would encounter. The underside wing received the same treatment and the hinges got their grease and oil stains done. The first part of the engine on the left wing was painted black, dry brushed with Tin Bitz, then Boltgun Metal. That's as far as I have got tonight as I have to get my stuff ready for work tomorrow, then head back up north to bring the family back after the bank holiday. (I will be taking painting stuff with me this time but I won't tell you what it is just yet).

So here are the pictures of what I have done in a small period of time. Hope you enjoy and any feedback is always welcome. I have not stuck the wings on I just wanted to give you guys a rough idea of what it will look like when completed.

Friday, 22 April 2011

GW Fix

Yesterday I went into Halifax to a very cool hobby shop that I visit when I am up in this neck of the woods. I know I know it's not GW but it's close enough.

I went there to pick up a clear sheet of plastic as I know they sell it at a very good price. This sheet will be used for the canopy on the Thunderbolt as it did not come with any. So my job on Monday is to cut it down and fit it plus start on the engines.

But I also decided to treat myself to the new Grey Knight's Codex as an Easter present from the wife. I decided to get one because in an original plan I was going to use a small force of Sister of Battle along with the Inquisitor Lord that I purchased from Forgeworld some time ago, with my Praetorian Guard Army. But seeing as they have now put the Inquisitor's in with Grey Knights this has changed my plan slightly.

I just need to decide what I am going to get in the way of troops. Which will not be much as I don't want a huge force, just something that will complement my Praetorian Guard. Any suggestions is very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm Back

Well you will all be glad to know I am back from my course, and I never want to do that kind of thing again ever. The only problem now is that I am up at the In laws and decided not to bring any hobby with me (silly me). So the Thunderbolt will have to wait for a few more days.

But I have said I will paint a Space Marine for a very good friend of mine for a Apocalypse game he is organising for August. So that means a trip to a GW to get what he is after. So I will get a GW fix at least.

So till Monday when I get home I will leave it there.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Thunderbolt Project Cont

As promised I have finally this week managed to get some painting done. Not much done but at least the Thunderbolt has got some teeth now as I have completed the weapons, and the pilot is not going to get wet as he now has a roof over his head.

Here are the pics of what I have done tonight and see you all in two weeks. Have fun and keep painting and gaming.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Not getting Anyware

Wow what a week. Has anyone else had a week were you wished it finished on Monday afternoon, because everything that could go wrong does, and no matter how hard you work to correct the problems something else crops up. Well that has been my week.

Needless to say I have had no chance at all to do any hobby work. (Not Good). which I am sorry to say will be like that for the next two weeks as my wonderful work has decided to send me away on a course. (Again Not Good).

But I will try and get some done tomorrow amongst prepping for my course. If I get some done I will post pictures tomorrow. Until then keep painting and Gaming.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Golden Demon

Two post's in one day! you guy's are lucky. But I thought I would let you all see what I am planning to do this year for Golden Demon UK this year.

Arrived today from Perry Miniatures is their British Sudan War hospital miniatures which I thought were really nice looking and would be cool to do some sort of diorama with. At first I thought they were a little big but when I put them up against other GW models they are not that far out.

I thought of doing a diorama this year, as I have entered into the single 40k comp twice now and have got no where. Now I don't think its because my painting is poor I just feel it is not as good as the winning models. But when I see the diorama's that win the painting standard is a little lower due to the complexity of some of them which is more at my painting level. 

I am still going to enter the same model as last year as I feel it didn't get a fair chance due to were it was placed last year, which to say the least was a little out of the way. But I might also enter my Thunderbolt if people say it is good enough to enter  once it is completed.

I haven't quite decided how I am going to pose them yet and on what size diorama base. But I am thinking of a small square wooden plinth that I can place a small tent in one corner (which I will purchase from Empress Miniatures), and have the in the centre some how. I will also use my bits box to scatter kit around the base so it looks like they are in the 41st millennium and not in the 18th century.

So here are the pics of what I have purchased and let me know what you think.

Thunderbolt Project Pt3 Cont

Well on Friday night as promised I finished the pilot and have now glued him in place within his cockpit. To tell the truth I am quite happy with how he has turned out and he ties in quite nicely with the rest of the model.

I gave him an all red flight suit which I do using Red Gore then use a Red ink to give shading, then highlight with Blood Red and Blazing Orange. White helmet was any easy choice after all he is part of the Praetorian IV Coy. The white gloves is to keep in line with all my Armored Cavalry.

The ejector seat was easy after the base coat of black and painting the pilot, I just touched up were was required. Black ink the whole area to give a shine. The piping was left as is, but the leather harness straps and black leather collar were given a coat of Hard Coat. The lenses on the helmet were done the same as I mentioned in my blog yesterday.

Well that's it for now, time to get on with the wing's and engines. But here are the pics I promised.