Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thunderbolt Project

Now that the Chimera is done. Thanks to everyone who left comments they are greatly appreciated. I have now started my next project the Imperial Thunderbolt.

I have always liked this model and got fed up waiting for GW to bring out a plastic version, so I purchased this at Games Day last year. I have waited this long to paint it as I wanted to get my painting skills on vehicles up to a good level so as not to spoil such a nice model.

I have decided to keep it in line with the rest of my Army by using the same colour scheme, as I felt that it would be nice for the Imperial Navy to give one of it's aircraft on a perm basis. It has come with one of those plastic flying basis, but I am not quite sure how I am going to attach it yet but still be able to transport it. If you guys have any ideas then please let me know as they will be much appreciated.

This project will take me some time as it is not exactly a small model and there is quite a bit of detail on it. But for now here are some pictures of progress so far.


  1. The Thunderbolt is a fantastic model, and always has been one of my favourites, and that paint job is already doing it justice! Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Thanks I can't agree more. I am hoping to do more tonight. I am going to do the weathering effects next, and all the oil stains that it would generate in places and the exhaust. If I am lucky I will also do my Army sign on the tail wing all being well to.