Thursday, 31 March 2011

Thunderbolt Project Pt3

Sorry I haven't done much this week as once again work has taken over. But first off I must thank
The Magnet Pro for his kind words and recommending me to other people by posting a whole blog about my site. Also to everyone that is either following or has visited my blog site so far.
But enough of that you want to know what I have been up too. Well to tell the truth not much, the main body is now complete as I have painted all the different lenses on the fighter, and the cockpit. These were accomplished pretty much the same way as GW do theirs, apart from I put Hard Coat over the top of the lenses to give the impression of it being glass. I have also based painted the pilot and seat and I am hoping to get him started and finished tomorrow.
I'm going to leave it at that for now, and I have decided not to put any pics up yet as there is not alot to show really. But I will do tomorrow showing the pilot and the completed cockpit area.


  1. You don't need to make an appology if something doesn't get finished, its just hobbying! We'll still be here to have a look at the goodies when they do get done!

    Is hard coat a gloss varnish? I seem to remember me pouring (by accident) my whole pot into my carpet and none of it making it onto my models...

    That sphinx is an awesome touch! Looking forward to seeing the finished product mate.

  2. yes it is but GW are quite good as they have made it slightly water based so that your brushes don't get trashed. They still sell it if you want to get some and try it.

    But if you want to use vanish but have a matt finsh you could use purity seal, or a matt vanish that oil painter's use.