Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I'm Back

Hi folks. Well I made it through the weekend up at the In law's, and I even managed to get a GW fix while I was up there and see the new Grey Knights. I must just add the models are really nice and the Codex not bad either.

Well this is what I did on Monday night after work, the back door of the Chimera. I did make a slight mistake I forgot that there is not the room clearance for the rear door to close fully, so I am going to have to make a couple of very careful modifications so it will almost close fully. I will then finish the door off by applying the mud and dust so that the door blends in with the rest of the vehicle.

Well that's it for now, on with the next part, the turret and hull mounted gun and that should be it on completed Chimera.


  1. That's some nice weathering so far.

    If I might offer a wee point or two.. now take these with a pinch of salt, as it looks like you're using a flash on your camera and that can cause things to look a lot shinier than they are, and I'm going to talk about shiny.

    I'd suggest that the similar way you have applied the "dust" to your tracks, that the extra armour plates at least get a similar, lighter dust bath. those lovely textures need a bit of underscoring from the pics, and some dust in the crevices might do it.

    also, the weapons and metals look a bit too shiny, again, pinch that salt becuase it could be the flash, but I;d maybe hit them with bada/devlan respectively to tone the down a tad, then pick out the very edges with the base colour again.

    small things, so dont think I'm criticising, and as I say it could be the flash. but you;re heading for a tasty looking chimera and I wanted to offer some comment :)

  2. Thanks for the tips, I always like to take advice on board that will help improve my painting technices.