Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chimera Update

Sorry that it has been a while but unfortunately work got the better of me. But here are the pictures of what I did on Friday night and this morning.

As you can see the interior is all done and the top glued on. Was a little tricky gluing the top on as the hull is some times a little to short in height when the interior is glued in. But I was lucky in this case as GW seem to have changed their design slightly to compensate for this with their new Chimera models.

Like I promised I would. I have gone to town on the weathering and damage of the hull, which I am really pleased with. The effects which I have used came from the Forgeworld Master Class book. I think it does look well worn and battered, and that you would want to spend as little time in it as possible. But I will let you guy's be the judge of that.

That's it for now, but if you want to know how some of the techniques were achieved then let me know and I will pass my knowledge on.


  1. The weathering on your red Theme is brilliant. I won't comment on the awesome interior... Masterpiece!

  2. Thankyou my friend. How are your Eldar Titans coming along?

  3. Painting a Spectre Warrior Group... Thinking about taking down some Chimera... Wonder why...