Thursday, 17 February 2011

Same Converted Model

I was on Col Garvis site today and looking at the other Praetorian Army's that he is, or has been following, and I was shocked to see how many other collectors have done the same type of conversion with the same model.

The model in question is the Death Corps of Krieg commander from Forge World. Not that I am complaining as it is an absolute gorgeous model that screams convert me to a Praetorian, as I no longer want to be a Death Corps of Krieg commander.

I purchased mine early last year as I decided I needed a new commander from the Cadian commander that I currently use. But I also thought I would go to town on it spend a bit of money and enter it into Golden Deamons. Well I was really quite upset because I spent three months painting, modeling, getting the extra pieces as well as doing my normal day to day job. Only to have it not even looked at just like my entry for the previous year. But still I did take a positive away from it, as I entered it into a painting competition at Swindon GW and came third. Plus all my friends thought it was a cool model and especially liked the little touches of the Zulu shield and the white wash stones around the base of the flag pole.

Well see what you think as the model in question picture I put up yesterday on my Blog.


  1. Love the (tyranid hide) zulu shield!

  2. I did the same conversion... sorry! The model said the same thing to me, and I'd seen someone do that type of conversion elsewhere, so thought, "Hey! Why not!?"

    I've got plans to do an entire command squad using the other models from the unit, but alas, uni work and family life have been getting in the way!

    Have to say though, your painting is making em very jealous, especially how you get such a good colouring on your vehicles - it's the one area that I've always struggled with. I may be forced to step up to the challenge now though. :)

  3. Thankyou very much for your kind words Cpt.Harris, I have also had the same Idea for the command squad but unfortantly my green stuff technique is not that good at the moment.

    But hang in there with your vehicles it will come together in the end. If you want any tips I am always glad to share.