Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Project the Chimera

Well here we go with the next project, but first off I would like to thank everybody that has left a comment on my blog it is much appreciated and is spurring me on to do more.

This Chimera is for my Coy Hq as I am fed up with them having to walk all the time, and why should he as he is a Colonel after all, and rank does have it's privileges. As you can see from the pictures this will be quite a beefed up Chimera with a few Forge World parts. But the most important thing is will have the customary white turret to denote it is the command vehicle.

The Forge World parts have been cleaned up and have had the Tags cut or snipped off. But they still need their customary bath to get the chemical agent off them and the track guards need a lot of reshaping. Many off you will have seen these before as they are quite old, but I like them as they add character to a vehicle. The interior I will paint Dark Angels green as I always do but add some techniques from the Forge World Master Class book. Which I would advise anybody to get as they bring a hole new level to your models, and you don't have to go all out. If you are like me you want to use your models in games and show them off.
I will keep everyone up to date with the progress, and as suggested will let you know how I do my weathering effects, and post pictures of my progress. That's it for now and again thanks for your support. I will endeavor to take pictures of my Army this weekend and get them up here so that everyone can see what I have done so far.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this completed! Have you tried Foreworld weathering powders on anything yet? They do require you to seal with spray varnish but they are a great way to add that bit extra to something and with all the parts and effort going into this its going to deserve the full treatment!

  2. I do use the weathering powders but not the Forgeworld one's. I use the MIG powders instead they are of a better quality than Forgeworld and there is also more choice of colours. The Mig pots are also larger but they are a little bit more expensive than Forgeworld. If you look at my commander you will see I have used weathering effect on his boots. But thanks for the tip and I most certantliy go all out on this one.

  3. I've not tried the MIG powders, I'll have to give them a go, I also like the vallejo powders.