Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Army

As promised here it is, the pictures of my army as it stands. I have only decided to do do squads in my platoons as my Army is going to be fully mechanised except for my heavy weapons who will be floating around in the rear with the gear. My second platoon command squad is missing a grenade launcher but will be painted in due course, and some of the models need finishing off by basing them, or painting the pouches as is needed on my vets squad.

My commander at the moment is the old metal Cadian one which I have seen in a few Praetorian Army's converted. I decided not too and just paint him up in Praetorian colours. The rest of the command squad have been placed on the basing kit that GW released some time ago. 

There is not much to say about the other squads as you can see they are pretty standard. Were I can the medics in the command squads will have back packs on them which I purchased from Maximini Miniatures. The standard bearers in the squads will be replaced by normal troopers and there are two buglers to paint and add to second platoon.

The first of my Vets are the old Storm Troopers which I still had from when the new guard came out in the early nighties and they are cool looking models. People still tell me that they wished they had kept theirs. The second squad is made up of two times the Cadian vets pack from Forgeworld and cutting the heads of spare Praetorian models I had. (That was before I found Empress Miniatures). As you can see they need basing and the squad need their pouches painting around their belts.

The Tech priest I entered into Goldern Demons two years ago but alas I didn't get any where. I still have the Servitors to do but they are along way off yet.

The vehicles speak for themselves really. The only things being my Leman Russ are Vanquishers as I like the extra punch they give to vehicles, and they all have plasma cannons to deal with the troops especially space marines. I did one off them black and placed a Commissar in it as I liked the idea of having a Commissariat tank, and I would like to do the army list at some point from the Imperial Armour book. The sentinel all I did was place a Praetorian gunner in it to keep in keeping with my army scheme, the other two will be done the same way. All the vehicles you see with white turrets are my command vehicles. My Chimera has a interior as it is the 1st platoon command squad vehicle, it does not have a white turret as my Main HQ will have that honour.

The Commissars are self explanatory one normal and a Commissar Lord. In the end each squad will have Commissar. Cant wait to batch paint those guy's will be fun.

 I have the Inquisitor Lord from Forgeworld as he is a cool model and absolute dream to paint, but he will lead a small Sisters of Battle Army to go long side my Praetorians for some extra punch. But for now enjoy the Pictures and let me know what you think. 

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