Thursday, 24 February 2011

How Too

One of my followers has asked me if I could do a step by step guide on how to do the weathering effects that I have achieved on my Gattling Guns. I have also applied the same principle on my newest tank, and will also apply it to my current project the Chmiera.

Sometime ago I purchased the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass book from Forge World, as someone had shown me their copy and was amazed at the painted models and the step by step guides. The weathering effect I do comes from this book. But before I even started doing it I took my time reading the book deciding what painting techniques could be used on play pieces. For those of you that own a copy you will agree that a lot of the techniques they use are for show pieces that would be entered into painting comps.

So here goes with the step by step guide for a very simple process. First off what you will need is:-

1 x sponge (the sponge from the blister packs is ideal).
1 x mixing tray or plate
1 x cup or pot of water
1 x old mixing brush
1 x pot of Charadon Granite
1 x tissue or kitchen roll

Step 1: Place as much Charadon Granite as you require for the project you are doing onto your mixing tray or plate.

Step 2: Mix the water into your Charadon Granite. (For me this would normally be either 1:1 mix or 1:2 mix depending how weak I want the effect to be).

Step 3: Get your sponge and fold it in half so you have a point.

Step 4: Dip the point into you paint mix. This bit is important as you can ruin the effect at this point. Sponge off the excess paint on your tissue or kitchen roll as if you are about to do dry brushing.

Step 5: Then sponge it onto your model repeating step 4 as many times as you need to cover the whole model. (Be careful not to drag the sponge as it gives a false look to the model).

Well that's it a very simple technique that gives a good result. You do not have to use Charadon Granite, you could use anything like Boltgun metal to represent fresh damage, inks, or any other colour that takes you fancy.When I do my vehicle or heavy weapons I concentrate more on the moving parts, or the parts that are used by the crew on a regular basis.

That's it for now why don't you have a go yourselves and let me know how you get on, and if you want send a few pictures. For now have fun.


  1. I suck at this technique! I like to brush damage with charandon granite then boltgun metal inside. I'll have to give this another go!

  2. It does take practice just have to keep plodding away at it. It did take me quite a while before I got the technique right. But it does look cool when its done.

  3. Thank you very much Mr Commissar Sir! This will certainly help when I get to my IG stack of tanks.