Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Here I Go at my First Blog

I thought I would have a go at this as I have now seen so many Praetorian guard players doing blogs. Which has inspired them to do the most amazing army's. Hopefully this will now inspire me to finish my army, as opening my hobby doors and finding boxe's and boxe's of models frightened the living daylights out of me.

Well a little about myself and my Praetorians. I have been doing the GW hobby for around 15 years which in anybody eyes would seem quite along time. But I have only been collecting Praetorians for around 5 years, which is not long. But due to work and other family commitments it has taken me an age to do anything. Well I have now painted enough to have a 1750 point army and get some games in. My army does include a few Forge World models as what they produce is just awsome but a little expensive but they are well worth it. I dont know why I named them the 4th Company, I just liked the way it is done in Roman Numerials. (I know strange). But I have were possible tryed to base them on the same scheme as the film Zulu, which after some research is not quite correct. Oh well never mind they still look good.

I have had quite a few games with them and everyone does seem to like them and are quite interested in them as no dobt alot of yourselfs get. My army does not usally win but this mainly due to the fact I have not designed my army to win games but to look good. But I do seem to get alot of draw's, I might have to do a few tweeks here and there. But they do seem to fare well in large games for some reason.

Well I will leave it at that for the time being and will post pictures when I get a chance to take some, but for now here is a picture of my new Praetorian Commander that I entered in Golden Deamons last year. Needless to say it didnt get anywere.

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  1. I'm being increasingly tempted to steal this idea off all you other chaps, my old school praetorian commander model just doesn't look as good! Nice work, looking forward to seeing more of your army.