Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Chimera Cont

Here are the first work in progress pictures. I have just finished doing the Forgeworld interior, I am particulary pleased with the floor as it does look well used and battered, again thanks to the Imperial Master Class book from Forgeworld.

You have also noticed that the track guards are now in place, and they were a real pain in the bum to do, as they would not straighten out in the cleaning process with really hot water. But they did stick straight with a bit of gentle preasure and heat in the end. They have also been sprayed white which I will keep because it does give the model a rather cool effect in all.

I have the top half of the Chimera to do next and place the top half of the interior in, which is a challange as you have to cut the lasguns down some what so that it fits on. Then onto the fun bit applying all the weathering and war damage that I want to create. I will put up pics as soon as I have done the next phase.

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