Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Chimera Cont

Here are the first work in progress pictures. I have just finished doing the Forgeworld interior, I am particulary pleased with the floor as it does look well used and battered, again thanks to the Imperial Master Class book from Forgeworld.

You have also noticed that the track guards are now in place, and they were a real pain in the bum to do, as they would not straighten out in the cleaning process with really hot water. But they did stick straight with a bit of gentle preasure and heat in the end. They have also been sprayed white which I will keep because it does give the model a rather cool effect in all.

I have the top half of the Chimera to do next and place the top half of the interior in, which is a challange as you have to cut the lasguns down some what so that it fits on. Then onto the fun bit applying all the weathering and war damage that I want to create. I will put up pics as soon as I have done the next phase.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Army

As promised here it is, the pictures of my army as it stands. I have only decided to do do squads in my platoons as my Army is going to be fully mechanised except for my heavy weapons who will be floating around in the rear with the gear. My second platoon command squad is missing a grenade launcher but will be painted in due course, and some of the models need finishing off by basing them, or painting the pouches as is needed on my vets squad.

My commander at the moment is the old metal Cadian one which I have seen in a few Praetorian Army's converted. I decided not too and just paint him up in Praetorian colours. The rest of the command squad have been placed on the basing kit that GW released some time ago. 

There is not much to say about the other squads as you can see they are pretty standard. Were I can the medics in the command squads will have back packs on them which I purchased from Maximini Miniatures. The standard bearers in the squads will be replaced by normal troopers and there are two buglers to paint and add to second platoon.

The first of my Vets are the old Storm Troopers which I still had from when the new guard came out in the early nighties and they are cool looking models. People still tell me that they wished they had kept theirs. The second squad is made up of two times the Cadian vets pack from Forgeworld and cutting the heads of spare Praetorian models I had. (That was before I found Empress Miniatures). As you can see they need basing and the squad need their pouches painting around their belts.

The Tech priest I entered into Goldern Demons two years ago but alas I didn't get any where. I still have the Servitors to do but they are along way off yet.

The vehicles speak for themselves really. The only things being my Leman Russ are Vanquishers as I like the extra punch they give to vehicles, and they all have plasma cannons to deal with the troops especially space marines. I did one off them black and placed a Commissar in it as I liked the idea of having a Commissariat tank, and I would like to do the army list at some point from the Imperial Armour book. The sentinel all I did was place a Praetorian gunner in it to keep in keeping with my army scheme, the other two will be done the same way. All the vehicles you see with white turrets are my command vehicles. My Chimera has a interior as it is the 1st platoon command squad vehicle, it does not have a white turret as my Main HQ will have that honour.

The Commissars are self explanatory one normal and a Commissar Lord. In the end each squad will have Commissar. Cant wait to batch paint those guy's will be fun.

 I have the Inquisitor Lord from Forgeworld as he is a cool model and absolute dream to paint, but he will lead a small Sisters of Battle Army to go long side my Praetorians for some extra punch. But for now enjoy the Pictures and let me know what you think. 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

How Too

One of my followers has asked me if I could do a step by step guide on how to do the weathering effects that I have achieved on my Gattling Guns. I have also applied the same principle on my newest tank, and will also apply it to my current project the Chmiera.

Sometime ago I purchased the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass book from Forge World, as someone had shown me their copy and was amazed at the painted models and the step by step guides. The weathering effect I do comes from this book. But before I even started doing it I took my time reading the book deciding what painting techniques could be used on play pieces. For those of you that own a copy you will agree that a lot of the techniques they use are for show pieces that would be entered into painting comps.

So here goes with the step by step guide for a very simple process. First off what you will need is:-

1 x sponge (the sponge from the blister packs is ideal).
1 x mixing tray or plate
1 x cup or pot of water
1 x old mixing brush
1 x pot of Charadon Granite
1 x tissue or kitchen roll

Step 1: Place as much Charadon Granite as you require for the project you are doing onto your mixing tray or plate.

Step 2: Mix the water into your Charadon Granite. (For me this would normally be either 1:1 mix or 1:2 mix depending how weak I want the effect to be).

Step 3: Get your sponge and fold it in half so you have a point.

Step 4: Dip the point into you paint mix. This bit is important as you can ruin the effect at this point. Sponge off the excess paint on your tissue or kitchen roll as if you are about to do dry brushing.

Step 5: Then sponge it onto your model repeating step 4 as many times as you need to cover the whole model. (Be careful not to drag the sponge as it gives a false look to the model).

Well that's it a very simple technique that gives a good result. You do not have to use Charadon Granite, you could use anything like Boltgun metal to represent fresh damage, inks, or any other colour that takes you fancy.When I do my vehicle or heavy weapons I concentrate more on the moving parts, or the parts that are used by the crew on a regular basis.

That's it for now why don't you have a go yourselves and let me know how you get on, and if you want send a few pictures. For now have fun.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Project the Chimera

Well here we go with the next project, but first off I would like to thank everybody that has left a comment on my blog it is much appreciated and is spurring me on to do more.

This Chimera is for my Coy Hq as I am fed up with them having to walk all the time, and why should he as he is a Colonel after all, and rank does have it's privileges. As you can see from the pictures this will be quite a beefed up Chimera with a few Forge World parts. But the most important thing is will have the customary white turret to denote it is the command vehicle.

The Forge World parts have been cleaned up and have had the Tags cut or snipped off. But they still need their customary bath to get the chemical agent off them and the track guards need a lot of reshaping. Many off you will have seen these before as they are quite old, but I like them as they add character to a vehicle. The interior I will paint Dark Angels green as I always do but add some techniques from the Forge World Master Class book. Which I would advise anybody to get as they bring a hole new level to your models, and you don't have to go all out. If you are like me you want to use your models in games and show them off.
I will keep everyone up to date with the progress, and as suggested will let you know how I do my weathering effects, and post pictures of my progress. That's it for now and again thanks for your support. I will endeavor to take pictures of my Army this weekend and get them up here so that everyone can see what I have done so far.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Current Project Part Two

Here they are my new heavy bolter team's in the style of Gattling Guns completed and based. Only took me a whole day to paint the gunners. Here is some advice don't have kids they can be a pain at times especially when you are concentrating on the detailed bits.

 My next project will be my command Chimera with Forge World parts. For now enjoy.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Current Project

Well this is what I am currently working on. My new heavy weapons team's. I had always liked the heavy bolter teams that Col Garvis does in the style of a Gattling Gun, and have always wanted to do my own. But were Col Garvis has managed to get hold of his Gattling guns off the old second edition sentinel's I thought I would look elsewhere. This is due to the fact that there are not that many second edition sentinel's out there anymore, and when you can find them people want an obscene amount of money for them.

Well I did in the end find a company that does modern day versions of the Gattling gun and in the style keeping with my army, with the front armour cover. The company in question if any of you are interested are Maximini Miniatures who I believe are based in Poland. They do a small amount of conversion pieces for the GW range and on receiving my purchase believe these will be of as high a standard as mine.

I received my packet last week and was surprised to find it had come all the way from Poland, but anyway I opened my package with enthusiasm to see what goodies I had received. Well what I found was three beautifully moulded Gattling guns that required hardly any cleaning at all. They came in there own individual bags containing seven pieces of resin each. Two wheels, body, weapon, sight, front armour plate, and trigger handles. The wheel's required a little trimming and found that the resin is a little softer than Forge Worlds but just as nice and detailed.

As you can see from the pictures the main guns are complete which only took me two days to do. Should of only taken me one but family life got in the way so it took me a little longer than normal. The crew are taking slightly longer as there are more of them but the loaders are nearly completed. The gunners needed a small but simple conversion as there are no seats on the main frame of the weapons, like there is on the GW version's. All I have done is use the gunner legs off the Cadian heavy weapon teams, then the top half of the Praetorian gunners. Once done I think they will look cool once completed, but for now here is the work in progress pictures. ENJOY.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Same Converted Model

I was on Col Garvis site today and looking at the other Praetorian Army's that he is, or has been following, and I was shocked to see how many other collectors have done the same type of conversion with the same model.

The model in question is the Death Corps of Krieg commander from Forge World. Not that I am complaining as it is an absolute gorgeous model that screams convert me to a Praetorian, as I no longer want to be a Death Corps of Krieg commander.

I purchased mine early last year as I decided I needed a new commander from the Cadian commander that I currently use. But I also thought I would go to town on it spend a bit of money and enter it into Golden Deamons. Well I was really quite upset because I spent three months painting, modeling, getting the extra pieces as well as doing my normal day to day job. Only to have it not even looked at just like my entry for the previous year. But still I did take a positive away from it, as I entered it into a painting competition at Swindon GW and came third. Plus all my friends thought it was a cool model and especially liked the little touches of the Zulu shield and the white wash stones around the base of the flag pole.

Well see what you think as the model in question picture I put up yesterday on my Blog.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Here I Go at my First Blog

I thought I would have a go at this as I have now seen so many Praetorian guard players doing blogs. Which has inspired them to do the most amazing army's. Hopefully this will now inspire me to finish my army, as opening my hobby doors and finding boxe's and boxe's of models frightened the living daylights out of me.

Well a little about myself and my Praetorians. I have been doing the GW hobby for around 15 years which in anybody eyes would seem quite along time. But I have only been collecting Praetorians for around 5 years, which is not long. But due to work and other family commitments it has taken me an age to do anything. Well I have now painted enough to have a 1750 point army and get some games in. My army does include a few Forge World models as what they produce is just awsome but a little expensive but they are well worth it. I dont know why I named them the 4th Company, I just liked the way it is done in Roman Numerials. (I know strange). But I have were possible tryed to base them on the same scheme as the film Zulu, which after some research is not quite correct. Oh well never mind they still look good.

I have had quite a few games with them and everyone does seem to like them and are quite interested in them as no dobt alot of yourselfs get. My army does not usally win but this mainly due to the fact I have not designed my army to win games but to look good. But I do seem to get alot of draw's, I might have to do a few tweeks here and there. But they do seem to fare well in large games for some reason.

Well I will leave it at that for the time being and will post pictures when I get a chance to take some, but for now here is a picture of my new Praetorian Commander that I entered in Golden Deamons last year. Needless to say it didnt get anywere.